Smart Solutions for Industrial Cities

Tailored ICT Strategies

Read about Deloitte’s framework providing the guidelines to develop an integrated ICT value proposition for an industrial city or any other type of industrial clients.

In recent years, the term "smart cities" has become increasingly common in public discussions. The aim of smart cities is to enhance the quality of life for city residents and simplify city management. This can be achieved through widespread connectivity, improved mobility, efficient digital interactions with authorities, and increased safety and security. As the concept of smart cities gains momentum, it has expanded to other complex ecosystems, including industrial cities. While the primary inhabitants of industrial cities are industrial companies and other stakeholders in the industrial value chains, these companies also seek to improve their experience. As a result, there is growing interest in incorporating advanced technologies and digital intelligence to achieve this goal. 

Our framework covers 4 critical steps to establish such a fit-for-purpose industrial ICT offering, with each step adding value.


Tailored Information and Communication Technologies strategies
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