Leading the path towards methane abatement

The GCC's big-ticket of decarbonization

As we approach COP28, Monitor Deloitte sizes the methane abatement conundrum in the GCC and explores how we can tackle this big ticket to decarbonization

As the international community grapples with the urgent need to address climate change, the focus on abating greenhouse gas emissions has been at the centre stage, with COP28 serving as a pivotal platform for global collaboration. Recently, the focus at COP28 has expanded to include non-CO2 greenhouse gasses, particularly methane (CH4), with the goal of unlocking substantial near-term temperature reduction impact.

This report delves into the importance of methane emissions and addresses that methane abatement efforts from the O&G industry in the GCC+ are as impactful as completely decarbonizing an entire global industry. Such an undertaking not only holds great potential but also, in many ways, might be more achievable based on the available and tested technologies in a mature industry.

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Leading the path towards methane abatement

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