Corporate & Business Unit Strategy

Winning intent

A fundamental challenge every executive faces is how to leverage instinct, reflex, and speed in responding to market shifts while adhering to an overall “game plan.” The most effective executives navigate the unexpected and unpredictable while keeping a clear business strategy in view.

About our services

  • Develop and deliver a CEO agenda - working with the CEO to frame an agenda that clearly articulates his or her aspirations and priorities.
  • Create focused corporate and business unit strategies - employing our configurable architecture for strategy development, Strategy by Design™, we lead executive teams through a rigorous, tailored process that focuses on framing the critical choices they must make and delivering the insights they need to commit to the strategy.
  • Plan and validate business portfolios - evaluating a business portfolio to identify opportunities to improve performance, from strengthening portfolio elements to divesting elements that can unlock capital for higher returning redeployment.
  • Reduce costs strategically - helping clients restructure operating and administrative costs to enable growth while improving cost performance and scalability. Our distinctive approach to Strategic Cost Reduction helps our clients to focus on enterprise-wide changes, producing sustainable cost savings and margin improvements.
  • Inform a robust mergers & acquisition strategy - identifying the right deal and generating a working hypothesis regarding the right deal principles and the right partner; designing and executing  the transaction using a deal-specific process; offering a fast-cycle process to define the strategic logic for the transaction, identify and qualify targets, and design the deal to achieve maximum value.
  • Build strategic capabilities and systems - using our versatile Strategy by Design™ approach, we help our client organizations improve the effectiveness of their strategic dialog, develop new strategic-thinking skills, and deploy more effective planning processes and tools.
  • Understand and prepare for alternative futures - generating and fast-testing new strategic options or pressure-testing current strategies using our Fast Forward® scenarios approach, war gaming, simulations, and experiential learning.