Pricing & Demand Analytics

Elevate the game plan

New competitive entrants, sophisticated procurement departments and slow economic growth are conspiring to pressure profit margins like never before. For companies intent on preserving and growing margins, it is imperative to adapt their game plan.

About our services

  • Develop a pricing strategy that unlocks value at the customer, product and segment levels - growing profitably by prioritizing profit margin over revenue growth when selecting opportunities. Doing so requires a comprehensive pricing strategy comprised of multiple layers, creating a foundation for price setting that minimizes erosion and maximizes profits over time.
  • Provide clients with price setting and analytical tools - identifying strategic pricing trade-offs and improve decision-making to quickly improve business performance.
  • Enable clients to execute defined policies and processes that govern profitable decision-making - establishing a price baseline using current data, developing guidelines and policies driven by transactional profitability, and arming the sales force with the tools and information to enable them to negotiate effectively with clients.
  • Manage the regulatory compliance and governance issues related to pricing decisions - companies can avoid systemic leakage from transactional taxes, leverage pricing data to enhance analyses and calculations supporting tax credits, deductions and incentives, and optimize the enterprise's ability to efficiently and effectively operate within the applicable regulatory environment.
  • Have the suitable pricing technology and data management capabilities - supporting the execution of pricing analytics to enable effective pricing decisions in a manner that enhances the quality and consistency of pricing processes.
  • Enable clients to create organizational capability and structure to effect strategic pricing decisions - defining areas of responsibility and accountability for all aspects of pricing and building career paths, rewards and incentives programs that reflect the skilled deployment of pricing strategies and tactics.