Authorized Economic Operators (AEO) in KSA

Digitalization of compliance and reporting obligations

The growth of global trade and increased security threats to the international movement of goods has resulted in a focus by customs authorities on securing international trade. In this regard, Saudi Customs, the customs authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, (KSA) has introduced its Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) program. Deloitte has therefore developed a brochure explaining in greater detail the process, what is required from clients and how Deloitte can help.

The AEO concept is one of the foundations of the World Customs Organization (WCO) Framework of Standards to Secure and Facilitate global trade (SAFE), and in essence is a partnership between customs authorities and business. The AEO program also reflects Saudi Customs’ intention to undertake a strategic transformation in order to achieve the goals presented in the National Transformation 2020 Program and the Kingdom’s Vision for 2030. The introduction of an AEO program is the next step in this journey and allows for KSA businesses to obtain an internationally recognized security standard, which certifies holders as a “secure” and “reliable” trade partner.

The document outlines:

  • The benefits and key drivers for AEO certification
  • Advantages of AEO status
  • Requirements for AEO registration in KSA
  • AEO accreditation process
  • AEO scan tool that Deloitte has developed to assist with possible issues and shortcomings and how organizations can benefit from this tool

How Deloitte can help

As an established professional service provider in the field of customs and global trade, and with its network of over 500 dedicated Global Trade Advisory professionals, Deloitte has extensive experience in supporting multinational companies with their customs and trade compliance.

In the area of AEO, Deloitte has gained extensive experience in the development and implementation of AEO programs across the world, including advisory services to the public sector and private sector.

In addition to providing you with the necessary tools to automate and organize your self-assessment process, we can offer our help in the following areas:

  • Assistance in collating the information & documents required for filing an application for AEO status;
  • Assistance in drafting/reviewing the requisite plans/procedures required for obtaining AEO status;
  • Preparation, filing of the application and providing clarifications required from time to time by the AEO authorities;
  • Tracking the progress of the application;
  • Following up with the AEO authorities and obtaining the AEO certificate;
  • Compliance with AEO status requirements;
  • Advisory support during on-site verification by the customs authorities and assisting in providing additional information and records as required during the visit;
  • Advise on remediation of any audit findings and submission to customs;
  • Advise on progress monitoring and assisting in discussions with customs.
Authorized Economic Operators (AEO) in KSA
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