Are you checking your Dhareeba regularly?

The Dhareeba Guardian Program

The General Tax Authority (GTA) in Qatar has gained unprecedented access to data and information following the link between various governmental portals. As a result, taxpayers have been receiving notices of tax assessments for additional taxes and financial penalties. 

The period of statute of limitation during which the GTA can issue queries and assesments is five years. This period can be extended to ten years if the GTA establishes tax evasion. However, in some cases, the GTA has been trying to go beyond this statute of limitation.

The GTA’s Dhareeba portal is considered the official comprehensive tax administration gateway. In recent times, we have seen that taxpayers have not received any email or SMS notifications, even though the normal Dhareeba setting is set up to send notifications via email and SMS as soon as the GTA issues a new message or correspondence. According to GTA, taxpayers should periodically check their Dhareeba portal to see if there are any communications that need their attention.

Deloitte has developed a subscription program called Dhareeba Guardian Program to support businesses in Qatar by providing a holistic review of the taxpayer’s Dhareeba account. In essence, our team will check on the Dhareeba account and communicate with all relevant stakeholders any critical communication received along with a response strategy.

In this document, we discuss the Dhareeba portal, the importance of checking the portal and the response timeframe. We also provide details on our Dhareeba Guardian Program.

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