The Qatar and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Business Corridor Program

In recent years, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has made significant strides to diversify its economy – a goal represented in the Vision 2030 framework and exemplified through groundbreaking projects such as the smart city project NEOM. As the Kingdom welcomes foreign investments, there is an opportunity for Qatari businesses to play a vital role in the development of this market. 

With shared cultural values, geographical proximity, and a historical working relationship, Qatari businesses have a great opportunity to further develop their business.  

In light of this, Deloitte has launched a comprehensive program, The Qatar and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Business Corridor Program, tailored to support and facilitate the journey of Qatari businesses looking to venture into KSA. In this publication, we discuss the aim of the program, its key features and how Deloitte can help.

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