Qatar development: Proof of school registration is now required for children when applying for a dependent family residence permit renewal

19 November 2023 - The Qatar Ministry of Interior (MoI) has introduced a new requirement for expatriates in the country who are sponsoring their children on a dependent residence permit. In order to renew dependent residence permits of children between the age of 6-18 years, a proof of school registration in Qatar will also need to be submitted to the MoI. 

In cases where a child is not registered due to a disability or illness, the authorities will review and process the renewal application under exceptional circumstances on a case-by-case basis.

Applications for a renewal of a dependent family residence permit, must be submitted through the Metrash2 mobile application.  

Deloitte’s view

The decision taken by the MoI for applicants to provide proof of school registration to renew a dependent family residence permit for a child, is aimed at ensuring that children residing in Qatar are attending school. 

The authorities have not provided any details on how applications will be assessed for children who are studying outside Qatar, at home, or through online learning institutions.  We will continue to monitor for further updates on this matter.

Foreign nationals, who have children between the ages of 6 to 18, must ensure that they submit proof of school registration in Qatar to avoid the renewal of the dependent family residence permit application for their child or children being declined.

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