Resumption of family visit visa issuance with stricter criteria

28 March 2024 – The Ministry of Interior (MOI) in Kuwait has reinstated the issuance of family visit visas (FVV) after a hiatus since August 2022, however, with stricter requirements for eligibility.

Individuals must meet certain income requirements to be eligible to sponsor family visit visas. They must earn at least KWD 400 (approximately USD 1,300) to invite their wife and/or children. Alternatively, if they wish to invite less immediate family members such as parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and in-laws, the sponsor must earn KWD 800 (approximately USD 2,600).

Foreign nationals who meet the eligibility criteria set by MOI, should use the Meta Portal with the General Directorate of Residency of the MOI for the submission of family visit visa applications. 

Visa applicants must have a confirmed return ticket on one of the national airlines, i.e., Kuwait Airways or Al Jazeera Airways, within a month of applying for the visa. However, if there are no direct flights available with any of the two national airlines, then the visa holder must book a transit flight via any country where the national carrier operates.

Visa holders are required to sign a written pledge confirming that they will not convert the visit visas into a residence permit in Kuwait. Additionally, they must agree to adhere to the 30-day visit duration specified by the MOI.

Deloitte’s view

Indeed, the decision by the MOI in Kuwait to expand the eligibility for family visit visas appears to be a positive step. Previously, the visas were only permitted for immediate family members, but with the recent change, extended family members are also eligible to apply for visit visas. 

This expansion encourages more extensive family reunions and visits, allowing families to come together and spend time with their loved ones in Kuwait. 

At the same time, the regulation prevents misuse of visit visas for longer-term stays or residency purposes. 


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