Workforce Advisory

At Deloitte we work with organizations across industries, with various scales of employees who make up their international mobility programs, from just a handful of foreign national local hires to thousands of international assignees. 

All these organizations are unique in their mobility program setup and showcase a range of program maturities; from digital technologies to enhance employee experience to relying solely on spreadsheets for their compliance tracking. However, despite program differences, one challenge we are constantly being asked to help solve is: "How can we design an immigration program that supports a proactive compliance culture within our organization?”

Of course, many other challenges have cropped up whilst we support our clients, such as:

  1. How can we lower the costs of international travel?
  2. How can we provide our employees with a better mobility experience?
  3. How can we provide our business with immigration and legal requirements knowledge upfront to support expansion strategies?

We will assist clients in managing their global mobile workforce by

  • providing workforce strategy, managing and transforming compliance, talent, and reward programs; and
  • delivering strategic value through identifying opportunities to implement & leverage technology, streamline processes, manage risk, and enhance the employee experience.