SAP Super Bowl Webcasts


A pre-game show replay you won’t want to miss

Deloitte and SAP spotlighted digital transformation in live webcasts from Super Bowl City

Scoring big with digital transformation requires a game plan, and Deloitte can help. As part of a weeklong digital event, we collaborated with SAP to deliver four live web shows that focused on strategic digital transformation issues. You can replay each show from the links below.

Real digital transformation: building a smoother path for the customer’s journey

Connected computing devices, mountains of big data, and breakthroughs in computing power—along with a social media explosion and the rise of the Internet of Things—are driving unprecedented opportunities for business. And at the center of the opportunities stands the customer. A digital transformation that creates a seamless journey for the customer can help businesses boost loyalty, realize operational efficiencies, and unlock new value. Learn how Deloitte can help you launch a customer-centric digital transformation by deploying a single stack of SAP technology.

Transforming Your Business Through Disruptive Cloud Development

In the conventional path of business processes, “A” leads to “B,” which leads to “C.” But tools such as SAP S/4HANA are disrupting that traditional flow, supporting a new nonlinear way of undertaking business processes—and offering new opportunities for efficiencies. The power of SAP S/4HANA to process information instantly—coupled with an intuitive interface that supports collaboration and instant, actionable insights—can reshape business processes as we know them and unlock new value for the enterprise. It’s a radical change that can lead to radical results for the enterprise. Discover what it can mean for your organization.

How People and Tools Will Inspire the Next Generation Value Chain

The traditional supply chain continues to transform into a “value chain”—with each link representing an opportunity to realize efficiencies and to innovate. As leaders increasingly seek value opportunities beyond traditional indirect sourcing and procurement, many are turning to SAP Ariba for help. SAP Ariba offers advanced invoice management, discount management, and invoice payment capabilities that can help organizations manage working capital more effectively. And there’s more to the story. New functionality is on the way from SAP Ariba—covering sourcing and procurement operations for direct categories and expanding further into supply chain management. Learn more from Deloitte.

A deeper dive on the Internet of Things: extending the vision of the IoT’s potential

The Internet of Things promises more than greater connectivity. It promises a new era of efficiencies and responsiveness. But there’s more to it than that. The IoT offers an opportunity to reimagine processes and services –and to help reinvent business, government, and society. Extending the IoT vision will depend on getting smarter about data management, event orchestration, analytics, decision-making, skill sets, and emerging technologies—from remote networking tools to robotics. It also will require a strategic shift from “sensing” to “doing.” Deloitte has insights that can help extend your vision of the Internet of Things—and prepare for that shift.

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