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Making an impact that matters in Bermuda

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Deloitte in Bermuda is committed to driving societal change and working in innovative ways with Government, non-profit organizations and civil society to design and deliver solutions that contribute to a sustainable, prosperous future for all. Making an impact that matters strengthens our community along with our businesses. Most importantly, it's the right thing to do.

Deloitte's societal impact in Bermuda


We believe in the importance of making an impact that matters in our local communities and the wider society. We also believe that we each have an opportunity and a responsibility to make a difference, and that by contributing to society, building confidence and trust in the market and supporting our communities, we can make a positive, enduring impact.

While this focus spells out our approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR), it also underpins our overall approach to business.

For FY2015, the Bermuda office contributed 3,200 hours in volunteer or pro-bono time. In addition, Deloitte staff contributed cash donations for a number of local charities and organizations, as well as donating time towards local education and/or skills-building initiatives.

We invite you to view the complete Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report to learn more about our purpose and CSR initiatives.

Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2015 - Bermuda
View the complete "CSR 2015 Report" here
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