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Living and working in Bermuda

Life in the North Atlantic

Meaningful work, attractive benefits, continuing development, sports and social events, CSR programs, employee well-being initiatives – you will have many opportunities to experience it all!

Deloitte in Bermuda has opportunities to join our teams across all of our service lines

We are keen to see our employees’ careers grow in the direction they want. In addition to extensive training programs and regular upward mobility opportunities, the firm supports internal transfers between service lines. As part of the global network, there is also the opportunity to transfer to another Deloitte Caribbean office or to one of the 150 Deloitte offices across the world.

We offer a competitive annual base salary and performance based bonus, plus a full range of benefits including medical coverage, well-being programs, relocation support and low income taxes. We hire from countries all over the world and you will find a large community on the island which creates a great support network when making the transition to the island!

About Bermuda

The island enjoys year-round sub-tropical sunshine, with mild winters and warm summers. Average temperatures range from about 66.5°F (18°C) in the winter, to about 83°F (28°C) in the summer. The island’s economy is primarily based on international business and the provision of financial services, with tourism being an additional contributor to Bermuda’s income.

Bermuda is known worldwide for its beautiful beaches and pristine waters. The island’s infrastructure supports an extensive range of social, community and sporting activities including diving, kite-surfing, wakeboarding, snorkeling, kayaking, swimming, rugby, football, cricket, squash, volleyball, basketball, baseball, hockey, tennis and so much more! The island is also host to a number of high-profile events throughout the year, which have included the Bermuda Open, PGA Grand Slam, 20-20 World Cricket Classic, and the long-running Rugby Classic. Bermuda is proud to be the host of the 2017 America’s Cup sailing championships.

Bermuda is located 600 miles east off the coast of North Carolina, USA. Given its proximity to North America, there are many opportunities to explore the continent with frequent direct flights to both Canada, the US and the UK. It is only 90 minutes flying time to New York, and under 3 hours flying time to Atlanta, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, and Toronto. 

Combine Bermuda’s low income tax with four weeks’ vacation and access to unpaid leave, and your travel options are endless!


I’ve spent every weekend outdoors either running, cycling, or playing hockey—all the way through winter!
Steph Sareen, Audit Senior on mobility from the UK

World class financial services opportunities

Bermuda has an exceptional reputation as one of the premier jurisdictions for multinational companies, with a focus on the quality of business rather than the quantity. Today, nearly every Fortune 500 company has a link to Bermuda and the island ranks as one of the top three premier insurance jurisdictions in the world. Bermuda is also a worldclass center for hedge funds, private equity funds, asset finance and for incorporations of global companies seeking to list on established and international-recognized stock exchanges. Bermuda continues to attract new international companies with its sophisticated workforce and infrastructure, communications and ease of access, as well as its political and economic stability, and uncomplicated legal framework.

Career opportunities in Bermuda therefore abound for ambitious, talented professionals who would like to develop their financial services or insurance experience in a superior living environment. The opportunities for advancement are also considerable. Boasting one of the highest GDPs per capita in the world, those living and working in Bermuda will also benefit from its affluent standard of living and lack of income taxes.




So, what's next?

Career opportunities in Bermuda therefore abound for ambitious, talented professionals who would like to develop their financial services or insurance experience in a superior living environment. At every stage of their careers, our people are encouraged to create the career and life experiences that excite and challenge them. We invest in our people, helping them grow beyond their current role to maximize their contribution and impact.

Deloitte in Bermuda provides the talent experience and rewards that you would expect from the undisputed leader in professional services. Step out of the ordinary and discover an opportunity with a purpose, with a firm dedicated to making a difference and a career that allows you to be extraordinary.

I moved to Bermuda to gain international experience that ultimately gave me a better work/life balance while challenging me in my career–Bermuda has exceeded my expectations.
Joseph Fernandes, Audit Senior Manager from the UK

The question to ask isn’t why should you join Deloitte in Bermuda, it's why not?
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