Nicole Valadao shares her perspectives

Deloitte Bermuda's alumni | Career Journeys

Through this feature series, we follow the career journeys of Deloitte alumni who continue to make an impact–as well as stories of alumni whose career journeys brought them back to Deloitte.

1. When you were at Deloitte and what was your role?

I joined Deloitte as an audit senior in Bermuda in 2002 and spent 14 great years with the firm. I spent the first 10 years within the audit and assurance space, working on large, public reinsurance companies and then moved into Risk and Advisory Services serving both reinsurance and local companies. I also spent 4 years building out the internal audit practice and was promoted to Partner in 2014.

2. Tell us about the company you work for now and your position.

I currently work for RenaissanceRe, a global provider of reinsurance specializing in matching well-structured risks with efficient sources of capital. RenaissanceRe was established in 1993 and has evolved from primarily a property catastrophe reinsurer based only in Bermuda to a multi-line global reinsurer operating in seven countries.

I joined RenaissanceRe in late 2016 and am SVP, Head of Internal Audit for the global group working with a fantastic team from around the world. It is exciting to be part of an organization that is truly an industry leader in our ever-changing market and is dedicated to helping communities around the world recover from disasters when they strike.

3. What do you think is unique about working at Deloitte compared to other places you have worked at?

Given Bermuda’s preeminence as a reinsurance market, I was afforded several unique opportunities working for Deloitte on the island that I would not have experienced in other locations building both my technical and business expertise. I took two companies public, traveled extensively to serve international clients from St. Louis to Zurich, and worked with amazing people from diverse backgrounds and nationalities on a daily basis. I was also provided the opportunity to train staff on a variety of topics and attended Deloitte University as both a participant and facilitator which truly showed me the breadth and depth of Deloitte’s global reach and expertise.

4. What skills or knowledge did you take from Deloitte that you use today?

One of the most valuable learning experiences I had with Deloitte was Business Chemistry – it is a framework that goes beyond understanding your workstyle and provides you with an easy to follow, practical toolkit on how to better your workplace interactions and how to truly bend your style to work with others.

I also credit Deloitte with helping me to learn the reinsurance industry from the ground up and with providing me an environment which I could use my natural curiosity to learn new things and passion for helping organizations become more efficient and effective through internal audit and risk advisory services.

5. What is the biggest lesson that you have learnt in your career so far?

People may not remember exactly what you said or did in a situation, but they will remember exactly how you made them feel. Recognizing that being a good leader is helping everyone on your team reach their full potential and that often means allowing them the freedom to reach it in their own way.

6. As an alumnus of Deloitte, how have you stayed connected to the firm?

I feel very fortunate that a number of close colleagues and friends are at the firm keep me updated on key happenings. I also find the Deloitte Debriefs and webinars helpful in keeping on top of the latest industry insights or regulatory considerations. Finally, I have participated in Deloitte roundtables and locally hosted training events over the years which are a great way to stay connected (and get CPEs).

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