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At Deloitte, we take pride in fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace for our people to grow. We recognise each individual’s unique personalities, harness diverse strengths, and celebrate the success of everyone as one.

We have heard many stories of our people embracing their unique passions and ambitions, as well as how Deloitte has supported them in their work-life choices. A collection of these stories are created, showcasing how they juggle their career and hobbies, pursue their interests outside of work, and growing both professionally and personally.

While we celebrate the diversity of our people and recognise their unique differences, we found many similarities in how our people making an impact in the community by volunteering their time, overcoming challenges with a positive attitude, and pursuing their hobbies outside of work!

Read the blurbs below to get to know our Humans of Deloitte and their stories.

Avid volunteer and inspiring learner

Huong Pham is motivated by the “As One” spirit of Deloitte. Paralysed as a baby, she overcame multiple hurdles to pursue a career in accounting and auditing. An inner desire to create a better future for people with disabilities is a flame that drives her to create an impact in the community.

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Huong Pham, Audit & Assurance Associate Vietnam

Endurance athlete and empowered analyst

"Attitude is Everything," Diinalan believes that the right mindset is all it takes to get through the most challenging problems. He held this motto close to his heart throughout the rigorous raining programmes that prepared him for the multiple marathons. Running has helped him deliver well in life and work.

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Diinalan Gunasagaram, Consulting Analyst Malaysia


Valiant volunteer and legendary Leader

Meet Madam Thanh a valiant volunteer and a legendary leader with an endless passion to bring value to clients, Deloitte and the Community. 

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Ha Thu Thanh Chairwoman, Deloitte Vietnam
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