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A series of stories featuring our people at Deloitte Consulting Southeast Asia.

Muhammad Meerza Helmi Uzapuspa
Core Business Operations
Deloitte Southeast Asia

The last year has been a journey of figuring out what Consulting is and what it means to me. While the process is still ongoing, I have learned that being a Consultant means to be part of a group of problem-solvers who help our clients tackle their diverse business problems. These can range from helping clients to create a strategy or roadmap to achieve their goals; supporting projects that provide client with market insights and there are also projects focused on implementing new technologies to be ahead of the curve.

While I have to admit that the work is challenging, it is incredibly fulfilling as I am gaining hands-on experience and growing every step of the way. There are no “typical” days – things can differ in different types of projects and even within a project as well. I enjoy working with clients and colleagues across the Southeast Asia region and have a wonderful team spanning locations like Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and Philippines.

To ensure that we are well-equipped to make an impact for our clients, we proactively keep up-to-date with current skills and trends through learning and trainings to continuously enhance our competencies. I’ve been lucky enough to meet so many different people across the firm from various backgrounds with many differing expertise which has broadened my knowledge of various topics- from project teammates who teach me about project know-hows, technical and functional business topics, to my coach who provides tips and perspective on how to manage challenges as well as the Brunei team where everyone encourages each other and learns from sharing experiences and viewpoints. The topic that piqued my interest the most revolved around technologies like robotics process automation and cloud. Despite not coming from a technical background, through the project I have learnt query language and familiarised myself with code. Additionally, I have been able to work on my soft and interpersonal skills through continuously interacting with multiple stakeholders including clients.

Working at Deloitte also allows me the opportunity to give back to the community and I was able to lead an Impact Day tree planting event with the support of the organising committee. I look forward to doing more meaningful work like this on a larger scale. Opportunities like this and to grow professionally are readily present at Deloitte, what’s important is that you always take the initiative to seek out or to create them!

While I am far from being a master at my role, I am motivated to continue practicing and enhancing my capabilities to accomplish more.

Felisha Chong Pui Chie
Core Business Operations
Deloitte Southeast Asia

My journey in Deloitte has felt like a rollercoaster – full of exciting twists and turns, leaving me looking forward to more.

The highlight of my role has been the opportunity to travel around the Philippines for different clients and to work with teammates from the various offices. I’ve enjoyed being able able to build networks with people across different geographies, service lines and functions. Even while working remotely, you are never alone as everyone is always ready and willing to get on a call to offer help and support. Working with such diverse teams has also allowed us to leverage on each other's strengths to bring unique perspectives for our clients.

I am always encouraged to take ownership of my own personal and professional development to create the career of my choice. Even as a junior, there are leadership opportunities available for me to take up in my projects or within the Deloitte Brunei team. Being curious about what I don’t know and being open to learning about new technologies, markets, industries — and even enhancing my PowerPoint skills — have been major levers that have determined my consulting journey so far. Your growth is in your own hands, and you have the autonomy and support to determine how you will develop!

On top of the dynamic work environment, the people and culture make this a great place to work. We are empowered with flexible work practices to enable us to manage our personal and professional commitments, along with a wide array of social events to unwind and bond with our colleagues. Most recently, I took part in a painting class as part of Deloitte Brunei’s wellness initiatives. It was an enriching experience that also allowed me to build stronger bonds with our colleagues and I look forward to the growth I will undergo on my consulting journey.

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