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Digital Forensics

Deloitte Southeast Asia is the largest integrated digital forensics practice across the region. With six forensics labs and digital forensics practitioners in seven geographies, we provide unparalleled support to our clients. With decades of experience, we bring value to our clients when they are faced with issues involving technology investigations, cyber forensics investigations, mobile device analysis, proactive advisory services and expert witness testimony.

Whether you need to react quickly and confidently, or work proactively in relation to a crisis, investigation or dispute, we’ll help you deliver the evidence you need to understand the who, what, when, where and how.

Using our tried and tested forensics methodology, we ensure that the evidence we provide will stand up to regulatory and court scrutiny.

What’s your challenge?

  • What can I do if there is an employee suspected of using the corporate devices to behave inappropriately, steal corporate data or in some other way breach their employment agreement?
  • Who can help me respond to an incident such as IP theft, either by a malicious insider or an external threat actor?
  • Who can help me preserve evidence and investigate a business email compromise, ransomware attack or data breach?
  • Who do I turn to when I am faced with bullying and harassment claims and digital evidence needs to be preserved, documented and analysed?
  • Who can assist me to review, create or present digital forensics testimony evidence to successfully support a case?

How we can help

  • Identify insider threats as they occur to minimise impact within an organisation
  • Provide forensics investigations in response to cyber attacks and support you when responding to regulatory requests or court proceedings
  • Assist legal and risk teams in concluding internal technology investigations in a timely manner
  • Understand your capabilities and help you better prepare for the next incident
  • Provide cost effective expert consulting and advisory services in electronic evidence

Who we are

  • Experienced – Our digital forensics team comprises staff from around the world who can support all types of investigations with industry standard technologies including but not limited to Nuix, Magnet Axiom, EnCase Forensics and Cellebrite.
  • Multi-disciplinary and Collaborative – Digital forensics specialists work alongside and with our eDiscovery practitioners and Cyber Security professionals.

You can engage us for one or any combination of these services:

We undertake in-depth analysis of electronic data from a range of sources providing insight and the interpretation of information from internal and external threats.

We provide a broad and rich investigative and compliance workflow that combines our expertise with cutting edge technology to protect an organisation by identifying threats or issues of concern as they occur.

Leveraging our experience, knowledge and practical application we provide guidance and insight into a multitude of situations including cyber forensic and litigation readiness. We help clients review their current operating model by providing our digital forensic readiness services to ensure that the evidence is readily available for investigation when required.

Our professionals have relied upon their digital forensic methodology in court testimony in multiple jurisdictions.

Contact us

Darren Cerasi

Darren Cerasi

Discovery & Data Management Leader, Deloitte Forensic, SEA

Mr. Cerasi has 25 years’ experience working with technology in numerous fields. Over the last 20 years, he has focused on Digital Forensics, eDiscovery and Cyber Security investigations. As a Partner ... More

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