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Deleveraging Asia 2018

The first edition of our Deleveraging Asia report examines key emerging loan sales markets across Asia. The report provides an up-to-date overview of these markets and their main characteristics, supported by forward-looking insights provided by our Portfolio Lead Advisory Services experts.


Following 25 years of continuous growth the Chinese economy is now adjusting to a ‘new normal’, which has had some ripple effects across the Asian region. Official numbers suggest a total NPL stock of $518bn on the balance sheet of Asian banks. With the likely impact of further unofficial distress remaining within the system, NPLs are rising up on the regional agenda. 

In most cases in this region, the NPL market is just emerging. As is the case with all new markets, it is essential to understand the dynamics and identify pivotal characteristics quickly. This report addresses those fundamental subjects and outlines our expectations on how key markets and specifically loan sale transactions may evolve in the coming years.

What next?

  • Use the data to discover the level of distressed debt in each country.
  • Loan portfolio sellers - use the report to understand the key obstacles that face debt investors entering the markets.
  • Debt investors – use the Deleveraging report outlook to understand which markets are likely to present the largest investment opportunities in 2018.
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