Disaggregating digital disruption

A GovLab report

There is a saying that the future is already here – it is just not evenly distributed. When it comes to digital disruption, this indeed seems to be the case. With our digital and physical worlds converging, we are already beginning to witness once-separate industry sectors transforming into powerful and cross-cutting amalgamated ecosystems. As digitisation continues its spread to every corner of the economy, we must expect to see a similar dynamism unfold across the board.

Yet this phenomenon is unlikely to be experienced uniformly by each industry sector. Different sectors will face different degrees of digital disruption, and some will face them earlier than others. Even within industries, different companies – depending on their size, maturity and business model – will also face very different challenges and opportunities.

In this publication, we present a framework to help governments and industry players understand and measure the extent of digital disruption in various sectors of the economy. This framework was then applied to the context of Singapore, with digital disruption to 15 of its key industry sectors measured along two dimensions: the magnitude of change the sector can expect to witness in the near future, and the imminence of this change.

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