Empowering an ageing workforce


Empowering an ageing workforce

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Across the globe, Smart Cities are sprouting at exponential rates on the back of the increasing adoption of information and communication technologies (ICT). Singapore, too, is hard at work – but it is building a Smart Nation, one that functions beyond the capabilities of a Smart City, with ultra-high speed, pervasive, intelligent and trusted ICT infrastructure, as well as a vibrant ecosystem with flourishing talent.

With an expected one in five aged 65 years and above in 2030, the Smart Nation vision has placed helping older Singaporeans age-in-place as one of its three main priority areas. After all, Singapore’s most precious, if not only, resource is its people. It is thus imperative that every individual, regardless of age, is able to contribute to the economy and society at large to the fullest of his or her ability. An important enabler of this is the empowerment of older workers to live financially independent and active lives with rewarding careers.

This is an ambitious goal in and of itself. Making it even more challenging is the increasing automation of both skilled and unskilled jobs. The most vulnerable group – older workers aged 50 years and above – is likely to bear the brunt of the inevitable transition. Currently, 63% of them hold low-skilled jobs, and if displaced, will find it especially difficult to move to a new role without sufficient upskilling and training.

This publication presents a predictive model for identifying jobs that are at risk of automation over the medium-term. As a proof of concept, the model has been applied to the context of Singapore’s food and beverage sector. Nevertheless, its general five-step methodology can similarly be applied to other industries to identify vulnerable segments of the workforce so that no one gets left behind in our inclusive, Smart Nation.

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Empowering an ageing workforce
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