Smart Tourism

The destination is always ahead

A GovLab report

Tourism is an industry but, in many ways, it might be better described as an ecosystem. The players in this ecosystem include – but are not limited to – visitors, governments, tourism businesses, as well as a whole range of supporting industries such as food and beverage, retail, and transportation, which experience the direct and indirect, knock-on effects of tourism.

Fuelled by increasing connectivity and the rise of Smart technologies, these players are constantly collecting and generating copious amounts of data – each holding on to bits of a larger puzzle. Imagine if all these data fragments could be pieced together to form a single, unified view of the ecosystem. Not only will the players gain access to critical data that they may require in order to improve their processes, but with the right use of predictive analytics, such a cohesive system can also uncover a number of sometimes unexpected, actionable insights that players can act on to generate greater value for their businesses and the ecosystem as a whole.

A three-step methodology was developed to offer a glimpse into the vast potential that an aggregated database repository, combined with predictive analytics abilities, can have for a central managing authority. Collectively, the accumulated data from individual businesses and enterprises would be able to provide a more complete and holistic understanding of the visitor’s journey, and in turn, generate better leads and enable more conversions for a tourism destination.

Smart tourism
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