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In our Future of Mobility series, we bring you key insights from top executives from both the public and private sectors – decision-makers, innovators and shapers pushing the envelope on future developments within Mobility and beyond.

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Season 2

S2 EPS 2: Shaping Tomorrow's Smart Sustainable Cities

Esther An and Siddhant Gupta


As today's cities become larger and more diverse, the growing urban population density brings increasingly complex challenges. To ensure a sustainable future, smart cities have to plan, design and manage urban infrastructure for effective and reliable operation. What can organisations and governments do to accelerate the development of smart cities that promote connectivity and inclusive mobility for their citizens?

In this episode, we speak to Esther An, Chief Sustainability Officer at City Developments Limited (CDL), and Siddhant Gupta, Head of Future Grid - Electric Mobility, Photovoltaic and Energy Storage at Siemens, as they unpack what it takes to drive smart sustainable and inclusive cities in the region.


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S2 EPS 1: Closer to Space with Mobility

Lynette Tan and Nikolai Khlystov

Unlike other industries that are largely driven by the public sector, the space tech industry is increasingly fronted by private entities. On top of the regional collaborations, funding by private entities have accelerated space tech advancements in cities like Singapore.

In this episode, we speak to Lynette Tan, Chief Executive at Singapore Space & Technology Ltd (SSTL) and Nikolai Khlystov, Lead, Shaping the Future of Mobility and Space at the World Economic Forum, as they discuss space technology and its role in elevating mobility on Earth.

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Season 1

S1 EPS 9: Digitising the Movement of Goods: What Does It Take?

Audrey Cheong and Kevin Lyu

According to Deloitte’s 2019 Innovation Report, the Southeast Asian digital economy is expected to exceed US$300 billion by 2025, with e-commerce in particular showing strong and persistent growth.

With demands expected to continue growing, more effort is required to optimise service levels for efficient deliveries. How then can organisations responsible for the mobility of goods keep up with innovations and new ways of working, especially in times of the COVID-19 pandemic? In this episode, join Audrey Cheong, Managing Director of Operations of FedEx Express, and Dr. Kevin Lyu, Head of Asia Pacific at, as they discuss the state of mobility of goods and the steps organisations are taking to future-proof themselves.

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S1 EPS 8: Singapore Tomorrow: The Drivers of the City's Future of Mobility

Daniel Chow, Gilad Shay and Axel Tan

Often described as a global leader in the future of mobility, Singapore boasts one of the world’s most robust public transport systems. According to Deloitte’s City Mobility Index 2020, good vision and investments are amongst the many strengths that drives Singapore towards being a global leader in the future of mobility.

In this episode, join Daniel Chow, Vice President at ComfortDelgro Ventures; Gilad Shay, Head of Legal at Goldbell Investments and Axel Tan, General Manager at SMRT Ventures, as they share how their organisations are playing a pivotal role in driving Singapore’s promising transport system.

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S1 EPS 7: Beyond COVID-19: Future of Mobility for Goods

Kenneth Lim and Dawn Lim

Digitalisation could be the key to future business success for players in the maritime industry and goods mobility. However, how are ports evolving to adapt to these emerging technologies? What is the blueprint to success for goods mobility in these volatile times?

In this episode, join Kenneth Lim, Chief Technology Officer of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore and Dawn Lim, Vice President and Head of Commercial and Professional Services, at the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) as they discuss the future of goods mobility and the huge role technology will play.

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S1 EPS 6: Is the Future of Autonomous Driving here?

Tony Han and Niels De Boer

In recent years, the mobility field has seen an increase in companies delving into autonomous vehicles due to a confluence of heavy investments as well as significant technological advances. If properly harnessed, autonomous vehicles have the potential to massively change the way we live by providing us with a safer, more efficient and accessible transportation model.

In this episode, hear from Tony Han, CEO & Founder of WeRide and Niels De Boer, Programme Director of CETRAN, NTU as they discuss the evolution of autonomous vehicles and what needs to be true for AVs to be implemented successfully.

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S1 EPS 5: Electric Vehicle Ecosystem: Navigating through Uncertainty

Markus Bartenschlager

By 2050, more than two-third of the global population will live, commute, and work in urban areas. As urban populations grow, so will the need for more sustainable and eco-friendly mobility. Fortunately, consumers today have shown growing preferences towards electric vehicles (EVs), according to Deloitte’s 2020 Global Automotive Consumer Study. What constitutes the shift towards this new paradigm of electromobility? In this episode, we discuss the journey towards the future of sustainable mobility.

S1 EPS 4: Future of Electromobility in Southeast Asia

Andrey Berdichevskiy and Terence Siew

The COVID-19 situation has seen a steep decrease in local air pollution as well as global greenhouse gas emissions. However, this has come as a result of lockdowns and mobility restrictions. So, how do we curb local pollution levels and emissions while still maintaining our level of mobility? Enter the concept of electric vehicles also known as EVs. EVs allow the freedom of mobility, without the associated problems of high carbon emissions typical of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. Join Andrey Berdichevskiy and Terence Siew as they discuss the state of electromobility in Southeast Asia.

S1 EPS 3: Future of Mobility: Electrification in MaaS

Helmut Rebstock and Gregory Duconge

The convergence of emerging technologies combined with changing consumer and societal preferences has resulted in the rapid adoption of Mobility-as-a-Service also known as MaaS; getting users from point A to B in a flexible, multimodal, and seamless way through a single interface. Recent collaborations have also seen the integration of eco-friendly transportation modes into MaaS. In this episode, we discuss the possibilities of electrification in MaaS.

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S1 EPS 2: Approaching MaaS – Transformation in Mobility through Volatile Times

Professor Dr. Andreas Hermann, Andrey Berdichevskiy and Johann Jungwirth

Could the future of mobility lie in shared modes of transport rather than personal vehicles? If the success of Netflix is any indicator, the future of urban mobility might very well be centred on shared transportation. MaaS models are forecasted to empower a new reality for urban mobility by ensuring equity and reducing traffic congestion, helping cities all over the world achieve their social and environmental goals.

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S1 EPS 1: Tiding through Volatile Times for Mobility Ecosystem Players

Scott Corwin and Klaus Entenmann

The past decade has seen the mobility sector undergo rapid change and transformation towards a more sustainable and efficient paradigm. However, the outbreak of the coronavirus has thrown a spanner in the works. Both the demand and supply-side disruptions have resulted in mobility ecosystem players scrambling to improve their operational and financial impacts, while minimising the impact on workers. What does this mean for the Future of Mobility?

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