Thriving in Volatile Times


Thriving in Volatile Times podcast series

Explore ways to build resilience

At Deloitte, we help clients navigate through economic uncertainty while capturing market opportunities. In this podcast series, we hear from industry experts as they share their valuable insights on facing the COVID-19 pandemic and how to emerge stronger on the other side.

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EPS 8: Getting to know Great Giant Pineapple - a winner of Best Managed Companies Indonesia 2021

Josep Lay, Managing Director of Sales and Marketing, Great Giant Pineapple, Utty Hariani, Podcast host, Deloitte Indonesia Tax Partner and Natalia Ng, Podcast host, Deloitte Private Indonesia Associate Director

Josep Lay, Managing Directors, Sales & Marketing from Great Giant Pineapple, joins us to share how this privately-held pineapple producer was a 2021 winner in Best Managed Companies Indonesia and some of the management initiatives that made them figure prominently in the awards.

EPS 7: Getting to know Pakuwon Jati - a winner of Best Managed Companies Indonesia 2021

Eiffel Tedja, Director of Commercial, Pakuwon Jati and Utty Hariani, Podcast host, Deloitte Indonesia Tax Partner

Eiffel Tedja, Director of Commercial at Pakuwon Jati, joins us to share how this privately-held real estate development company evolved the corporate culture, brand, and social responsibility initiatives, that helped propel them toward their win in Best Managed Companies Indonesia in 2021.

EPS 6: Future of Trust

Duleesha Kulasooriya and Jerry Michalski

The COVID-19 pandemic has put trust into top-priority on the business agenda. In moments of crisis, trust is imperative as we navigate through disrupted social contracts. Join Duleesha Kulasooriya, leader of Deloitte's Centre for the Edge Asia Pacific, and Jerry Michalski, founder of REX, the Relationship Economy eXpedition, as they explore how COVID is shaping the future of trust.

EPS 5: Beyond COVID-19: An opportunity for brand trust and customer loyalty

Leora Nevezie, Matt Collette and Peter Sedivy

As COVID-19 forces us further into the digital life, our virtual customer experiences take center stage in shaping our perspectives of brands. Join Leora Nevezie, Deloitte Digital Partner in Melbourne, Matt Collette, Vice Chair of Digital at Edelman Asia, and Peter Sedivy, Digital Leader at Deloitte Asia Pacific as we explore opportunities arising for brand trust, customer loyalty and digital engagement beyond COVID-19.

EPS 4: Responding to COVID-19: Orchestrating the recovery of supply chains

Terence Foo and Wolfgang Lehmacher

As the COVID-19 pandemic persists, it has sparked fears of a global recession and created widespread supply chain disruptions. Join Terence Foo, Deloitte Southeast Asia Supply Chain and Network Operations Leader, and Wolfgang Lehmacher, Supply Chain and Technology Strategist, former Head of Supply Chain and Transport Industries at the World Economic Forum as they discuss how leaders can prepare their organisation’s supply chain for recovery and thrive after.

EPS 3: Tiding through Volatile Times for Mobility Ecosystem Players

Scott Corwin and Klaus Entenmann

The past decade has seen the mobility sector undergo rapid change and transformation towards a more sustainable and efficient paradigm. However, the outbreak of the coronavirus has thrown a spanner in the works. Both the demand and supply-side disruptions have resulted in mobility ecosystem players scrambling to improve their operational and financial impacts, while minimising the impact on workers. What does this mean for the Future of Mobility?

EPS 2: How can Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism bounce back stronger after COVID-19?

Tiffany Misrahi, Ian Wilson and James Walton

Join Tiffany Misrahi - Vice President of Policy at the World Travel & Tourism Council, Ian Wilson - emeritus Senior Vice President of Non-Gaming Operations at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands, and James Walton – Deloitte Southeast Asia’s Transportation, Hospitality and Services sector leader as they discuss the impacts and opportunities brought on by COVID-19. Although these industries are putting their people first and moving with agility to understand and quantify their operational and financial impacts, decisions to shut down hotels, restaurants, and cut down flights are disrupting the entire hospitality and travel ecosystem.

EPS 1: The Heart of Resilient Leadership: Responding to COVID-19

James Walton

In facing uncertainty and black swan events, such as COVID-19, each day brings new challenges and opportunities unfolding at a rapid pace. Organisations must rely on their leaders for direction. In our first podcast episode, James Walton, Deloitte Southeast Asia Clients & Markets Leader, shares how leaders can respond and lead with resilience during critical times, in order to drive their organisations to emerge stronger and more competitive.

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