Deloitte Indirect Tax (GST/VAT) Risk Assessment Survey


Deloitte Indirect Tax (GST/VAT) Risk Assessment Survey

Your first step to better indirect tax risk management

Introducing the Deloitte Indirect Tax (GST/VAT) Risk Assessment Survey

Organisations are finding that their internal tax departments are facing mounting challenges including: increased scrutiny from tax authorities around the world, continued pressure on tax and finance resources, and demands from boards and audit committees to help them better understand the impact of global tax risks on their organisations.

To help you develop an initial assessment of the current state of your indirect tax controls and activities, Deloitte has developed a tax risk assessment survey which focuses on good practices in the area of indirect tax risk management. The survey categorises and scores your responses into four interrelated components that together form key components of an integrated risk framework: Governance, People, Process, Data and Systems.

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Governance encompasses the ‘tone at the top’ and defines tax objectives and the basis on which tax risk is addressed. Robust corporate governance practices aim to ensure transparency and accountability and are essential to lowering your risk profile.


Appropriate resourcing models, integration with the business and qualified tax personnel allow tax departments to respond effectively to increased complexity in tax legislation and rapidly changing business environments.


Effective tax processes in the areas of compliance, reporting, and planning allow the tax department to operate in an efficient and controlled manner while also delivering value to the business.

Data and Systems

Data and systems underpin the tax department’s ability to gather high quality, tax sensitised data. This is paramount to the delivery of accurate, complete and timely tax compliance and financial reporting.

The output of the Deloitte Indirect Tax (GST/VAT) Risk Assessment Survey gives you an indicative assessment of risk, using a colour-coded system, based on your responses to the questions. The results will be presented by Deloitte and discussed with your tax team and other key stakeholders.

The Deloitte Indirect Tax (GST/VAT) Risk Assessment Survey is provided to you on a complimentary basis. To find out more about the benefits of using the Deloitte Indirect Tax (GST/VAT) Risk Assessment Survey, please contact us to discuss your needs.

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