2020 Guide to Taxation in Southeast Asia – by Deloitte Chinese Services Group


The COVID-19 outbreak hit China and the global economy unexpectedly since the start of 2020. As the largest manufacturing economy, China’s role in global supply chain is critically important. The ongoing supply chain disruptions resulted in several global companies (including Chinese) whose business is highly dependent on China to seriously consider and review their global supply chain management and diversification strategies. Southeast Asia (SEA) benefits from its favorable geographic location and is an important strategic area to undertake global industrial chain transfers. We recognize that each SEA country is unique with its own nuances and complexities. Investors are expected to stay updated in a rapidly evolving tax landscape ensuring that they are keeping on the tax requirements within their respective jurisdictions.

SEA CSG launched its second edition of the 2020 Guide to Taxation in Southeast Asia, with updated and summarized basic investment and taxation information for all ten countries within the ASEAN region. It also provides a directory of Deloitte SEA Chinese Services Group Tax leaders. For more details or for tax advice, please reach out to any of our CSG tax leaders listed in the document.

2020 Guide to Taxation in Southeast Asia – by Deloitte Chinese Services Group



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