2023 Guide to Taxation in Southeast Asia – by Deloitte Chinese Services Group



Geopolitics, high inflation and interest rates, supply chain disruptions and the ongoing global pandemic have slowed the pace of global economic recovery. With the reopening of borders and economies of various countries, 2023 is set to see the ASEAN region forging ahead. Businesses are expected to raise their business activities to pre-pandemic levels, driving a robust economic recovery, and subsequently attract more foreign direct investors.


The ASEAN region and China are each other’s largest trading partners as well as essential investment partners. The ASEAN economy will continue to make strong progress in 2023, with bilateral trade expected to achieve even greater heights.


An important point to note is that taxation will continue to be a key factor to consider for Chinese investors looking to invest in this region. In recent years, tax governance has become a key consideration for business organisations, especially in the areas of tax transparency and tax compliance. Globally, many tax authorities have mandated a global tax reset, underpinned by tax reforms, resulting in companies having to contend with a much higher compliance requirement. These changes may pose challenges for Chinese companies investing in the ASEAN region.


SEA Chinese Services Group release the latest guide contains the latest investment and tax insights of all ten countries in the ASEAN region.


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2023 Guide to Taxation in Southeast Asia – by Deloitte Chinese Services Group
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