Life at Deloitte

The Deloitte Global Business Tax storybook

The skilled, driven, and friendly people who work for Deloitte Global Business Tax with various member firms, team with colleagues around the world, take on challenging assignments, and are supported in reaching their career and personal goals. Here's your chance to get to know why they are building careers at Deloitte Global Business Tax.

Life at Deloitte Global Business Tax: Rachel Mataira's story

Rachel Mataira started her first business at five years old, her second in high school, and her third at age 19. That's when she first connected with Deloitte New Zealand. Tech jobs followed after university—programming and building bots—and then Rachel's search for her dream job brought her back to Deloitte; this time with the Corporate International Tax team. Tax is going digital, and Rachel has found the place to bridge her business and tech skills and flex her entrepreneurial muscles.

Life at Deloitte. Marjolijn Van der Wal on Coaching

Everybody needs somebody they can lean on, and Marjorie Van der Wal considers herself very lucky to have had coaches supporting her since the start of her career. Coaches motivated, challenged, and guided her on her journey to partner and are still with her while she works toward her next goal. At Deloitte, each day presents a new opportunity for Marjolijn to develop herself—and do what she loves best, be entrepreneurial and walk her path to success.

Life at Deloitte. Michael Kurschildgen's story

Michael Kurschildgen's passion is technology; a passion he showcases at work across different teams, different nations, and different cultures. With a background in business informatics, which is a mixture of economics and technology, Michael describes himself as a tech guy who works with tax guys to help clients digitize their tax organizations. Yes, that is challenging, yet it offers many opportunities for innovation. "Think of it as a coin with tax on one side and technology on the other," Michael says. "What we deliver is the value of both."

Life at Deloitte. Helen Cadman on Developing Strengths

Even after 13 years, Helen Cadman remains with the organization she joined right out of school - a decision she accredits to the supportive nature of her colleagues. With that motivation, Helen found it easy to identify and play to her strengths in the workplace. Facing difficult but exciting challenges has enabled her to further her development as a professional. Besides that, the positive feedback and support she receives affirms that she is making an impact that matters.

Life at Deloitte. Reinhard Pumpler's story

Real challenges and real innovation. That's what Reinhard Pumpler sees at work. In the face of changing technologies and the digital revolution, Reinhard stays ahead of the curve by integrating technical knowledge with an understanding of his clients' needs. Being open-minded is key, Reinhard adds, "I want to be innovative, and Deloitte is the perfect place to support this kind of mindset."

Life at Deloitte. Niina Roukala's story

Ask and you shall receive; or at least that is what happened in Niina Roukala's case when she asked to write a tax technology blog. In a diverse, friendly, and open work environment, Niina finds it easy to express her individuality. Leaders listen to and take action on her ideas and support her career growth. That and the tax practice's unique culture make for a winning combination. So, it is fair to say Niina feels right at home at Deloitte.

Life at Deloitte. Charlotte Tobin's story

You don't need to come from an accounting, tax, or technology background to excel at Deloitte. Tax Consultant Charlie Tobin is living proof of that. In the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, much of her work centers on providing digital solutions to clients, utilizing the vast cache of innovative resources made available to her. It’s through this work that Charlie feels she is able to make an impact that matters for Deloitte and her clients.

Life at Deloitte. Andy Michaelides on Digital

His background is in finance, but Andy Michaelides has always been fascinated with technology. A director with the Deloitte UK firm, Andy is smack in the middle of the Fourth Industrial Revolution—from the digitization of tax to machine learning to artificial intelligence. "Technology," Andy notes, "has been around for a long time. It's the pace of change that's new." Delivering technology solutions that address clients' complex business challenges and staying at the forefront of innovation keeps him very busy—and he likes working that way.

Life at Deloitte Global Business Tax: Amanda Kearny's story

At the start of her career, Amanda Kearney set two goals: to be the best employee she could be and to work in London. She works toward her first goal every day, and thanks to support from her partners, this Global Business Tax Manager has been working at Deloitte's New Street Square office for over two years. Her new goal—making an impact that matters—drove her to take on one of the world's greatest challenges, the Ride Across Britain, and to cross the finish line proud to ride for Deloitte.

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Life at Deloitte Tax & Legal: A place to grow and innovate

Confidence is what makes the most impact for our clients. Instilling that confidence starts with having the right people—and we do at Deloitte Tax & Legal. We're proud to have an international network of intelligent women and men who are excited about tackling complex and critical challenges and growing their business and their careers. But they're not all work. Watch their stories and learn how they are there for each other and finding the flexibility to pursue their dreams.

Life at Deloitte Tax & Legal: Making an impact that matters

The talented women and men building careers with Deloitte Tax & Legal share a common purpose—to make an impact that matters for their clients, colleagues, and communities. They’re passionate about guiding their clients to succeed, growing their skills and relationships, and giving their all for a good cause. That is making an impact that matters for them. Watch their stories and learn how living their purpose is landing them overseas assignments and high-profile projects, gaining them opportunities, and advancing their careers.

Life at Deloitte: Polly Wan

Professional accountancy was Polly Wan's major at university and led to her job at Deloitte China. That was 20 years ago. Today, Polly's a Director in the Hong Kong office specializing in Corporate Tax. The mentor she was assigned when she joined together with leadership support built her confidence and gained the trust of her clients. That, along with its investment in people and technology, is why Deloitte is the place where she built her career.

Life at Deloitte: Christina Edwall

At her interview, Christina Edwall was impressed with the people she met from Deloitte. She saw how they supported each other and were excited by their work, and that's what she wanted in a job. Eleven years later, Christina is a senior manager in the Indirect Tax Practice. For her, the challenging projects came early, and the people she works with are smart, friendly, and there for her—and that's why she will say joining Deloitte was the right choice.

Life at Deloitte: Claude Beaumont's story

The opportunity to build an International Tax practice is what brought Claude Beaumont to Deloitte Canada in Quebec City. That was five years ago. Now, he's a partner, leading a tax team on a variety of client engagements and giving them the opportunity to grow, develop, and become the future leaders of Deloitte. Having the confidence of his team and his clients is important for Claude, and he’s earned that by giving the best of himself every day.

Life at Deloitte. Fanny Nisses' story #1

One of the best things about working at Deloitte Sweden, Fanny Nisses says, is being recognized for who she is and what she contributes. A Business Tax consultant, Fanny joined the Malmo practice after attending a few branding events at the offices. She liked the people and was inspired by the leaders, and over her three years in the job, the partners on her team have made it clear that they value her opinions and trust her conclusions.

Life at Deloitte. Fanny Nisses' story #2

Fanny Nisses' motto is, "if presented with an opportunity, say yes, even if it means stepping outside of my comfort zone." Right at the start of her career, Fanny, a Business Tax Consultant with Deloitte Sweden, was asked to host a client seminar. Speaking in front of people had always been hard for her. Still, her partner asked, and she put herself out there and worked to develop her public speaking skills— and Deloitte supported her all the way.

Life at Deloitte. Edward Davies' story

"Professionally and personally," says Ed, "you get to do some great things and work with some really clever people." Ed credits the Buddy Program he participated in when he joined Business Tax in Deloitte UK with getting his career off to a strong start. Mentors and partners who trusted him with complex engagements he rates as critical to his advancement to Corporate Tax Manager and events like the Ride Across Britain Challenge as opportunities to make an impact.

Life at Deloitte. Soulaf Boukbiza's story

Dynamic, diversified, challenging, empowering, and exciting are some of the words Soulaf uses to describe what it is like to work in Business Tax at Deloitte Luxembourg. What matters to her is well-being, working with people she admires, and senior leaders who are passionate about learning and sharing their knowledge. Soulaf finds that as a Senior at Deloitte, and taking part in charity events in her community, she is fulfilling another passion, making an impact that matters.

Life at Deloitte. Mauro Minichini's story

At the top of the list of things Mauro Minichini likes about working in Corporate Tax for Deloitte Italy is the environment. Young, international, entrepreneurial, and committed to his well-being is how the Corporate Tax manager describes Deloitte. A specialist in International Tax and M&A, Mauro drives to deliver high-quality client service. But life at Deloitte Italy isn't all work, the Rome office hosts sporting and social events, and Mauro has made more than a few close friends.

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