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Government and public sector agencies contend with shifting tax agendas and complex geopolitical developments such as a global minimum tax, tax reform, and digitalization. Governments and tax authorities aim to be more customer centric and improve both domestic and international engagement, while maximizing tax revenues.

Deloitte’s government and public sector (GPS) professionals use a seamless, integrated, and multidisciplinary model (MDM) to support government digital transformations. Our teams bring experience working within or alongside tax authorities at the most strategic levels. Our tax and business expertise encompasses tax advisory and policy to technology and digital government, cyber security, and legal reform.

Deloitte helps build tailored value propositions across tax policy, technology solutions, and organizational strategies. We specialize in flexible, practical, and responsive solutions, partnerships, and leading innovations to help governments and tax authorities keep pace with changes such as real-time reporting and e-invoicing. We consider wider issues, such as cyber security and data governance. Deloitte collaborates with government and public sector communities of member firms—bringing a global outlook to topics including business continuity, technology, tax policy, audit, compliance and enforcement, borders and trade migration, and real time reporting.

E-invoicing is a governmental priority worldwide

Governments adopt e-invoicing to be more efficient and narrow their tax gap. E-invoicing creates an attractive business environment, reduces tax evasion and fraud, and improves customer protection. Data analytics and data-driven decisions are other powerful by-products of digitalization, driving the importance of real time reporting and e-invoicing. Deloitte has global experience with e-invoicing and understands the technological capabilities required to succeed. Deloitte’s Center of Excellence for E-Invoicing in the Middle East brings a global perspective by benchmarking countries and regions to identify leading practices in e-invoicing and other forms of real time reporting. We can help design and implement solutions as well as build assets for tax e-invoicing models tailored to specific government needs and aligned with each geography’s strategy and market conditions.

E-invoicing solutions should be part of the broader tax policy framework and wider tax administration ecosystem. Deloitte’s MDM approach combines tax policy, tax technology, and legislation expertise in jurisdictions worldwide. These skills and experience help us implement tax e-invoicing solutions tailored to the needs and objectives of public agencies.

Working with Deloitte government and public sector specialists

Deloitte Center for Fiscal Systems assists revenue agencies across the world to help achieve better futures for themselves, their stakeholders, and the societies they serve.

Government & Public Services is committed to improving public outcomes through a focus on people and providing relevant, timely, and sustainable solutions for our public sector clients.

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Michael Peter Fiore

Michael Peter Fiore

Regional Managing Partner, Southeast Asia Tax & Legal

Michael is the Regional Managing Partner for the Tax & Legal practice in Deloitte Southeast Asia. He also leads the Business Process Solutions (BPS) business in Thailand. With more than 28 years’ expe... More

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Dk Hjh Siti Khadijah

Dk Hjh Siti Khadijah

Country Tax Leader, Deloitte Brunei

Khadijah began her career with Deloitte as an Audit & Assurance assistant in 2009. She is based in Brunei Darussalam and has over 10 years of experience in public accounting under her belt. Khadijah h... More