Cold Chain Management for Life Sciences enabled by Oracle IoT

Zeroing in on root cause analysis

Changing the game

By regulatory mandate, life sciences companies must maintain complete control over the temperature and tolerances of perishable goods as they move throughout the supply chain—sometimes referred to as the “cold chain.” If and when errors occur, companies are responsible for finding out why. This however, is sometimes easier said than done. Compounded by tedious manual tracking approaches, unreliable historical data, and cumbersome paper trails companies often struggle with the complexity of root cause analysis. Enter Deloitte’s solution enabled by Oracle IoT – built to provide effective data tracking and enable efficient responses to incidents as they arise.

Our solution, enabled by IoT

As a disruptive technology, the Internet of Things (IoT) can enable critical points in an environmentally controlled supply chain to be connected and digitized. When designed and implemented well, this network of sensors can produce accurate, real-time data, which can be used to perform root cause analysis with unprecedented speed, and can also provide a control tower view of the supply chain.

These capabilities are put to work within our Oracle-enabled cold chain solution. Utilizing cutting-edge connected sensor technology and the Oracle IoT platform in conjunction with middleware and cloud/on-premise ERP solutions to provide accurate data about the environmental conditions within the cold chain.

Zeroing in on root cause analysis

Delivering the benefits of more efficient root cause analysis and easier compliance requires a combination of capabilities, including industry-specific knowledge of leading practices; functional specialties such as strategy and operations, and a highly experienced global Oracle practice with deep technical skills spanning cloud, ERP and disruptive technologies. Deloitte not only offers these diverse capabilities but also blends them effectively. Download the full solution report and connect with us.

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Why Deloitte

As a testimony to the effectiveness of our approach, Deloitte recently earned top cloud-related honors in the 2017 Oracle Excellence Awards, including - North America Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Partner of the Year, and Global Cloud Transformation Partner of the Year. These regional and global achievements recognize Deloitte’s position on “the innovation edge,” acknowledging its impact in the market and its ability to help Oracle clients around the world to transform into digital organizations.