Social Progress Index in the Brazilian Amazon

Evaluation of 43 social and environmental indicators

2014 Amazon SPI

  • The “2014 Amazon SPI” report resulted from an evaluation of 43 social and environmental indicators
  • Developed from a collaboration provided by the #Progresso Social Brasil network, the study was conducted by Imazon, in partnership with the Social Progress Imperative (SPI) and the Avina Foundation

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Social Progress Imperative

To truly drive progress, we have to be able to measure what we seek to improve.

This is why Deloitte has entered into a strategic partnership with Social Progress Imperative (SPI), an organization driving the global debate on how to really measure progress. 

Social Progress Imperative’s mission is to improve the lives of people around the world, particularly the least well off, by advancing global social progress through:

  • The provision of a robust, holistic and innovative measurement tool: the Social Progress Index
  • Fostering research and knowledge-sharing
  • Equipping leaders and changemakers in business, government and civil society with new tools to guide policies and programs.

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