Brazil's Agenda 2021

Brazil's Agenda 2021

Recover, thrive and prepare the legacy for the businesses

“Brazil’s Agenda 2021” is the broadest survey on the expectations and intentions of leaders for the business environment in Brazil. The survey provides answers from respondents of 36 economic sectors.

The survey


Participants companies

R$ 1,2 trillion

Sum of revenues in 2019


Brazil’s GDP represented*


Respondents in boards and executive functions

* 2019 GDP

Recover, thrive and prepare the legacy for the businesses

Throughout the crisis, most companies set priorities, made adaptations and investments aimed at meeting the challenges of the crisis and seeking efficiency in operations. An important recovery in business was identified in relation to the worst moments of the crisis. However, most respondents do not believe that Brazil will return to a higher economic activity than the country had before the crisis – which signals that the recovery process will remain on the agenda and companies will need to continue to transform in the most diverse areas, as a legacy lead from the impacts of the Covid-19 crisis to next year.

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