Course on the Clean Company Act

How to suit your business to the anti-corruption legislation

With the enactment of Law 12.846/13, also known as the “Clean Company Act”, Brazil lines up with the strictest and most advanced pieces of anti-corruption legislation in the world. This scenario presents a challenge for organizations operating in Brazil regarding the creation of a corporate governance, risk management, and internal control framework.

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Considering the scenario above, Deloitte invites you and your organization to take our online course "Clean Company Act (Anti-corruption Law 12.846/13)". The course has an objective, innovative approach to a topical subject that is hugely important for any organization, in an informative manner and using practical situations, with exercises and assessment.

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  • Approximate duration: 1h30;
  • Audience: no restriction;
  • Deloitte Certificate;
  • Access to Deloitte’s Learning Management System (LMS) or the LMS content is made available to your organization.

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  • The concept of corruption;
  • International anti-corruption trends;
  • Background and scope of Law 12.846/13;
  • Prescribed penalties;
  • Oversight;
  • Public sector;
  • Corruption red flags;
  • Lenience settlements;
  • Anti-corruption compliance programs;
  • Simulations on what to do in difficult situations;
  • Exercises and case studies.

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