First Steps into the Labour Market

What are talented students looking for as they start their careers?

This is the third year that we have carried out this unique research to take a close look at students' and recent graduates' experience, competencies and attitudes to work across the countries of Central Europe. We deliberately targeted a representative sample of ""talents"" from 11 countries in Central Europe, defined as attendees and graduates of prestigious universities in large cities who are or were majoring in business faculties. We believe these young people are the future of business in our region.

Highlights from key findings

  • Students are not a homogenous group that shares a similar attitude to work. The diversity of opinion expressed in the survey highlights the dangers inherent in oversimplifying and stereotyping this generation as a whole (Generation Y / Millennnials)
  • Work remains important in the hierarchy of respondents' values
  • Students are critical about the system of education in their country and the way their universities prepare them for future jobs and the job-seeking process. Students rated their universities more highly than the higher education system as a whole.
  • Most of the surveyed students look for opportunities to gain professional experience and have already had an internship or a job
  • Not remuneration but gaining experience is key when analysing internship offers. When looking for a job, the money matters significantly
  • Very different attitudes towards entrepreneurship among students (Baltics vs. Balkans)
  • Majority of students is willing to relocate to a different city or abroad
  • Internet is key source of information

We believe that this year's report may be used as a key tool for employers seeking insight into how to attract the region's best and brightest young talents; it also has an important role to play in encouraging closer cooperation between universities, employers and policy-makers as they seek to streamline the transition between education and work, for the benefit of the region's economies.

Summary of the main findings as infographic

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"It's critical for universities, employers and students to begin an open three-way discussion to ensure that the vast pool of talent in Central Europe is being properly cultivated and supported at all levels."

 Gavin Flook, Talent Partner, Deloitte Central Europe

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