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Incentives to build the Brazil for tomorrow.  

Deloitte sponsors a series of projects with different areas of culture, innovation, sport, education, social responsibility, diversity and sustainability.

With the sponsorship program, Deloitte intends to generate positive impacts for a society aligned with the transformations that we are experiencing today, in a more sustainable and inclusive world. Get to know the projects that have Deloitte incentive:


Deloitte has a tradition of incentive institutions and projects related to music, as well as diverse entities that promote the diffusion of artistic and cultural activities in society.

São Paulo Symphonic Orchestra (OSESP)’s Music Academy

The purpose of this institution is to identify and transform highly qualified musicians into musicians who are capable of working professionally for OSESP or other high artistic level orchestras from all over the world.


House of Knowledge Rio (Casa do Saber Rio)

Casa do Saber is a center of debate and dissemination of knowledge that allows access to culture in an engaging way. In an extra-academic environment, Casa do Saber offers free courses, lectures and workshops in several areas.


Oscar Niemeyer

All the originality and brilliance of one of the greatest architects of the twentieth century is portrayed by the photographer Leonardo Finotti on this book. 

Innovation #ImpactingTheFuture

What impacts the future is important to us. Therefore, Deloitte incentive projects that show concern for the sustainability of our planet and innovation - the great ally to face contemporary challenges together.

"Industry 4.0" documentary

This documentary will give an overview of the history of industrialization, the concept of Industry 4.0 besides propose reflections of the impacts on the social, employment and economic areas.

Since 1994, the Polytechnic Engineering, University of São Paulo maintains an association with a technical team specialized in sport that aims to develop the Base program ( Clinical PRODHE Rugby - USP) and support to student-athletes in competitions. Today, the Rugby team Poli is the best among the highest ranking players universities in the country .


Deloitte has demonstrated, over the last years, a consistent effort to incentive athletes and sports institutions that promote positive impacts on society.

Brazilian Rugby Confederation (CBRu)

Rugby is increasingly stronger in Brazil and has become a reference in professionalized management. Deloitte sponsors today the Rugby Confederation, and offered previous support in strategic consulting services.

Rio Open

Rio Open is part of a select group of thirteen tournaments called ATP 500, being one of the 22 most important in the ATP's calendar. It is the biggest annual sporting event of the city, and one of the only ATP 500 gravel tournaments in the world, along with Barcelona and Hamburg, the tournament has big names from the tennis world circuit.


Education and social responsibility

Deloitte also aims to bring positive impacts to the communities in which it operates, supporting its sustainable development.

Bank of Food – Nurturing Tomorrow (Banco de Alimentos – Nutrindo o Amanhã)

The purpose is to plan, to implement and to monitor actions of Intervention in Education, Health and Nutrition, contributing to the promotion and preservation of the health of children and teenagers hosted in the Entities.

Bank of Food – Taste Workshop (Banco de Alimentos – Oficina do Sabor)

This project offers workshops with the objective of integrating the areas of gastronomy and nutrition, aiming to promote the food practices education of children and teenagers assisted in the institutions supported by the Bank of Food.

Book and Reading Observatory Foundation (Fundação Observatório do Livro e da Leitura)

The project aims to provide greater physical and emotional well-being to the elderly population, with a view to an active and quality of life aging, through actions that offer opportunities for greater social coexistence, dialogue and listening; healthy cultural entertainment; preservation and rescue of memory; access to new technologies; and empowerment, autonomy and personal development.

Institute of Social Opportunity (Instituto da Oportunidade Social)

The project aims to prepare lower income teenagers from the public school system to face the challenges of the labor market through youth leadership and professional training in administration, technology and school reinforcement.

Vocation (Vocação)

The project aims to strengthen children's and teenagers' authorship, through socio-educational activities that mobilize citizenship and awareness about responsible consumption.

Diversity and Sustainability

The strength of diversity is one of Deloitte's values and aims to provide an inclusive and open working environment. We sponsored projects that bring this theme to build a more sustainable and inclusive world.

Amazon (Amazônia)

This bilingual book (Portuguese / English) portrays the incomparable beauty of its flora and fauna, which gives it the title of tropical forest with the greatest biodiversity on the planet. The publication has PNUD and Global Compact support.

On our own terms – stories of women entrepreneurs around the world (Do Jeito Delas)

This book brings entrepreneurship stories in 24 countries. There were 99.534 thousand kilometers and more than 300 interviews, across 5 continents, with women entrepreneurs and specialists in the subject. Women still face more obstacles to undertake and no matter the country, culture or entrepreneurial environment.

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