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Incentives to build the Brazil of tomorrow, today

Deloitte's institutional sponsorships cover a series of projects and institutions that reflect, in some way, the objectives established by our international and local social impact programs, as ALL IN, WorldClass and WorldClimate.

Discover, below, the projects that have our institutional sponsorship, with contributions made through the application of tax incentive laws, and how they impact the country, based on actions and areas such as training, employability, diversity, inclusion, culture, sports, and the environment.


Orquestra Sinfônica do Estado de São Paulo (Osesp), Music Academy of OSESP and Discover the Orchestra Project

The Orquestra Sinfônica do Estado de São Paulo, Osesp, has a prominent role in both the national and international scenarios. In 2023, Deloitte sponsors, for the second consecutive time he annual season of the Osesp concert series. Since 2015, Deloitte has sponsored the Osesp Music Academy. The project aims to develop and retain young talented musicians in Brazil, with the objective of finding and transforming academic highly qualified musicians into artists capable of performing professionally within the Osesp or in other orchestras at the finest artistic level. Also starting in 2023, Deloitte sponsors the Discover the Orchestra educational program, which, through didactic concerts, seeks to develop musical appreciation in children and adolescents – Elementary 1st and 2nd grade students and High School students from public and private schools. of teaching –, contributing to form audiences and to democratize access to classical music.

Learn more and watch the video produced by Deloitte showcasing Osesp.

The project reflects the principles of the WorldClass program and supports the culture.

Mozarteum Brasileiro and Scholarships for musicians

For almost 40 years, Mozarteum brings the best of the international classical and instrumental music scene to Brazilian audiences: there have been over 1,500 shows. Concurrently, it maintains a successful socio-educational project, which offers improvement and exchange courses for young Brazilian musicians through scholarships at national and European institutions. It also offers free access programs - such as open-air concerts and matinees for children, helping to form audiences and democratize access to culture.

The project reflects the principles of the WorldClass program and supports the culture.

Museu de Arte de São Paulo (MASP) | Protection and Maintenance of Material and Intangible Heritage

Deloitte supports the work of preserving and maintaining the São Paulo Museum of Art headquarters building (architectural icon) and the museum's research center and its collection, which brings together more than 11,000 works: paintings, sculptures, objects, photographs, videos and clothing from different periods, from antiquity to the 21st century, covering European, African, Asian and American production.

The project reflects Deloitte's support for impact cultural institutions.

Grêmio Ipiranga | Festival of Congada and Mozambique of São Sebastião do Paraíso

The Festival of  Congada e Mozambique dates back to the origins of the city of São Sebastião do Paraíso, in Minas Gerais, in the 19th century. It has its roots in the culture of the people of African descent who, coming to the mining regions of Minas Gerais, brought with them the religious cultural manifestations of African folklore. The festivity also brought together elements of Portuguese sacred rituals and Italian cultural influences, from the welcoming of immigrants. The project also has workshops for teachers and children from municipal schools.

Project that reflects the principles of the ALL IN program (Origins pillar) and supports the culture.

Brazilian Institute of Music and Education | Sound Generation Program

The “Geração de Sons” program offers free educational and cultural activities to public school students and families and communities in the Rio de Janeiro municipalities of Duque de Caxias and Rio de Janeiro. The program includes the “Chiquinha Gonzaga Orchestra”, formed exclusively by girls from public schools; “Orquestra Tubônica”, which promotes socio-environmental education by encouraging sustainability, recycling and reuse; and the “Sinta o Som program”, which impacts early childhood education, elementary school and continuing teacher education.

Project that reflects the principles of the WorldClass, WorldClimate and ALL IN programs (Delas pillar) and the supports the culture.

Redes da Maré | Art and Culture at Casa das Mulheres da Maré

The mission of the “Casa das Mulheres” is to support female residents of the Maré neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro - where it is based - to take a leading role in society. The objective of the “Art and Culture” project is to transform the institution into a cultural facility, with specifically themed activities and the promotion of those women’s cultural rights, contributing to the development of citizenship.

The project reflects the principles of the ALL IN program (Delas pillar) and supports the culture.

Redes da Maré | Maré de Ler

The “Maré de Ler” project strengthens and expands the actions developed at the “Biblioteca Popular Escritor Lima Barreto”, in the Maré neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro. The objective is to guarantee an ongoing program, with cultural activities, in addition to training reading monitors for two reading rooms at the institution - one for adults, the other for children.

The project reflects the principles of the WorldClass and ALL IN program (Delas pillar) and supports the culture.

MAM Rio | Museu-Escola

The Museum-School is part of MAM Rio's 2023 program, which seeks, based on educational activities, to expand and facilitate access to the museum and its contents, to democratize and strengthen dialogue with the public and the connection of institution with the city of Rio de Janeiro. 

The project reflects the principles the principles of the WorldClass program and supports the culture.

Presença Festival and Presença Labi

The Festival takes place in the city of Rio de Janeiro and aims to educate, inform and draw attention to the prejudice and difficulties faced by several minority groups (blacks, women, LGBTQIA+), giving a voice to artists from these groups and highlighting the importance of diversity in Brazilian art. Among the activities: concerts, exhibitions, theatrical performances, films, and lectures. “Presença LABI” is the educational and training-cultural laboratory of the initiative, consisting of free open courses in various cultural sectors, with the objective of training and inserting young members of minority groups in the artistic-cultural professional market.

The project reflects the principles of the ALL IN program (Delas, Origens and LGBTQIAP+ pillars) and supports the culture.

Social Responsability

Vocação | Work in Action

The project focuses on the insertion of adolescents and young people from the southern region of the city of São Paulo into the labor market. It carries out socio-pedagogical activities in the areas of technology, based on contents centered on the professions of the future and on the global technological market, providing introductory access for young people to these themes.

Project that reflects the principles of the WorldClass and ALL IN programs (Young Apprentice pillar).


Acreditar | Future Talk 4.0

The NGO Acreditar, headquartered in Glória do Goitá, in the state of Pernambuco, seeks to disseminate entrepreneurship, financial education and access to technology through the Future Talk 4.0 project, aimed at developing skills for life and work – with the in order to promote child and youth empowerment and technology, gender and racial equality, cultural appreciation and local development.

Project that reflects the principles of the WorldClass and ALL IN program (Young Apprentice pillar).


Giral Desenvolvimento Humano e Local | Sustainable Education Children and Citizenship

The project takes place in the municipalities of Glória do Goitá, Ipojuca and Camaragibe, in the Zona da Mata Pernambucana, and offers training in healthy eating, environmental education, citizenship, solidary economy and rights guarantee system, as a way to strengthen physical and mental immunity. and emotional health of children and young people. It also carries out mobilizations in public schools for training and exchange activities to exchange experiences

Project that reflects the principles of the  WorldClass, WorldClimate and ALL IN programs (Young Apprentice pillar).

Associação Comunitária Despertar | Awaken Employability

Awaken Employability project is aimed at young people from Cidade Ademar, a district in the south zone of the city of São Paulo, and operates, during the after-school period, promoting inclusion in the job market through continuing training in technological languages and mentoring. There are three training fronts: 1) Territory track, with lessons on community, politics, citizenship, work, social awareness, local development, diversity and inclusion; 2) Self-knowledge trail, focused on self-esteem, self-management, self-care, emotional intelligence, autonomy in decision-making, communication, expression, human and direct rights of the ECA – Statute of the Child and Adolescent; and 3) Conviviality Trail, which deals with topics such as interpersonal relationships, teamwork, empathy, the future of work and teenage pregnancy.

Project that reflects the principles of the WorldClass and ALL IN programs (Young Apprentice pillar).

Fundação Julita | Inspire II

A course for young people from the south zone of the city of São Paulo, the Inspirar II project operates from the perspective of environmental education, offering a design course in permaculture and environmental technologies. The course schedule brings together concepts about cisterns, biodigesters, ecological gardens, composters, rain gauges, irrigation sensors, unconventional food plants (PANCs), bioconstruction, green roofs and garden pharmacies.

Project that reflects the principles of the WorldClass, WorldClimate and ALL IN (Young Apprentice) programs.

IPPE – Instituto de Pesquisas e Projetos Empreendedores | Intergenerational Turbocharged Entrepreneurship

The Instituto de Pesquisa e Projetos Empreendedores (IPPE), headquartered in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, promotes cycles of entrepreneurial training and technological training for seniors, with a focus on income generation. The Intergenerational Turbocharged Entrepreneurship project holds short courses with innovative themes, lectures, workshops, consultancies, business models, interactive cinema, entrepreneurial choir and conversation circles, among other actions.

Project that reflects the principles of the WorldClass and ALL IN programs (50+ Generations pillar).

ITEVA | +60 Wellness Program

Headquartered in Aquiraz, in the metropolitan region of Fortaleza, Ceará, ITEVA, with the Bem-Estar +60 Program, offers training to people over 60 and their families, in courses in the area of building and sustainable construction processes and access to technologies and communication tools. Thus, it contributes with work and professionalization opportunities that respect physical, intellectual and psychological conditions, providing the preservation of the physical, mental and social health of the beneficiaries.

Project that reflects the principles of the WorldClass, WorldClimate and ALL IN programs (50+ Generations pillar).


Confederação Brasileira de Rugby (CBRu) | “Yaras” (Women's National Team

Rugby is a fast-growing sport in Brazil. This year, Deloitte's sponsorship of the Brazilian Rugby Confederation (CBRu) is 100% focused on the Brazilian women's team in the sport. The “Yaras” were South American champions 20 times, occupy the 11th position in the world ranking of rugby sevens, and participated in the 2016 and 2020/21 Olympic Games.

Watch the video that Deloitte prepared together with Yaras 

The project reflects the principles of the ALL IN program (Delas pillar) and supports the sport

Instituto Incluir | Esportivamente Project

Developing physical education teachers who work in public schools in Rio de Janeiro, the project is dedicated to developing inclusive language and training – in addition to promoting diversity and basic sports for children with disabilities.

The project reflects the principles of the WorldClass and ALL IN program (DeloitteInclui pillar) and supports the sport.

Instituto Incluir | Brazil Diversity Project

Conducted in the cities of Suzano, Santo André and Mogi das Cruzes (SP), João Pessoa (PA) and Rio de Janeiro (RJ) it promotes sports-pedagogical workshops aimed at the development of physical and psychological skills. Both students and their families receive professional assistance, with specialized assistance in People with Disabilities.

The project reflects the principles of the ALL IN program (DeloitteInclui pillar) and supports the sport.

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