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Incentive to culture, sports and community

Incentives to build the Brazil for tomorrow. Deloitte sponsors a series of projects with different areas of innovation, culture, education, sport and social responsibility.

With the sponsorship program, Deloitte intends to generate positive impacts for a society aligned with the transformations that we are experiencing today, in a more sustainable and inclusive world. Get to know the projects that have Deloitte incentive:

Innovation #ImpactingTheFuture

What impacts the future is important to us. Therefore, Deloitte incentive projects that show concern for the sustainability of our planet and innovation - the great ally to face contemporary challenges together.

Museum of Tomorrow – Rio de Janeiro

Museum of science and innovation. Architectural icon of Porto Maravilha, in Rio de Janeiro, the biggest urban development project in the country. The Museum of Tomorrow is a different science museum. An environment of ideas, explorations and questions about the time of great changes that we live in and the different paths that open for the future. Tomorrow is not a date on the calendar, nor is a place where we arrive. It is a construction in which we all participate, as people, citizens, members of the human species. 



"Megatrends" documentary

A co-production of UNESCO, the documentary brings a reflection on life in big cities and how technology can help us with innovative solutions to tackle the key challenges in the coming years. Climate and demographic changes, globalization and urbanization are some of the topics covered in the project, which aims to analyze in a systemic way how are we preparing for the future.


Since 1994, the Polytechnic Engineering, University of São Paulo maintains an association with a technical team specialized in sport that aims to develop the Base program ( Clinical PRODHE Rugby - USP) and support to student-athletes in competitions. Today, the Rugby team Poli is the best among the highest ranking players universities in the country .


Deloitte has a tradition of incentive institutions and projects related to music, as well as diverse entities that promote the diffusion of artistic and cultural activities in society.

São Paulo Symphonic Orchestra (OSESP)’s Music Academy

The purpose of this institution is to identify and transform highly qualified musicians into musicians who are capable of working professionally for OSESP or other high artistic level orchestras from all over the world.



Deloitte also aims to bring positive impacts to the communities in which it operates, supporting its sustainable development.

Fundação Gaúcha Bancos Sociais

Aims at the promotion and maintenance of children, adolescents and elder’s health, through nutritional monitoring, in a permanent manner, to all institutions connected to the Food Bank of Porto Alegre.


CPTI (Metamorphosis Project: Citizenship and Work in Transformation)

The objective of this project is to contribute with the training of adolescents and young people, aiming at the qualification and increasing the chances of them entering the work force, focusing on social participation, widening their vision of the world and better school performance.

GRAACC (Group for children and adolescents with Cancer)

Trains educators for serving the school needs of gravely ill students and monitors, in the school-work context, the patient-students of Basic Education who are under treatment and prevented from attending their schools of origin.

Hellen Drexell

Provides differentiated services through the promotion of good practices and guarantee of the children and adolescent rights, with the support of resident care takers.

Instituto Fazendo História (Making History Institute)

Seeks to facilitate the transition process of adolescents to the autonomous life inserted in the community in a healthy and productive way. This year, the institute will train 72 professionals of the reception services to work in a qualified manner with these and other young people.


IOS – Youth for the Labor Market

One of the main objectives of the project is generating income through technical professional capacitation based on TIC (Information Technology and Communications) and in business rules. The project’s attendees are in a situation of social and economic vulnerability.


Deloitte has demonstrated, over the last years, a consistent effort to incentive athletes and sports institutions that promote positive impacts on society.

Rio Open

Rio Open is part of a select group of thirteen tournaments called ATP 500, being one of the 22 most important in the ATP's calendar. It is the biggest annual sporting event of the city, and one of the only ATP 500 gravel tournaments in the world, along with Barcelona and Hamburg, the tournament has big names from the tennis world circuit.


Brazilian Rugby Confederation (CBRu)

Rugby is increasingly stronger in Brazil and has become a reference in professionalized management. Deloitte sponsors today the Rugby Confederation, and offered previous support in strategic consulting services.

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