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Under the radar of international capital – How to put Brazil back on the route of investments

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Highlights of this issue

Under the radar of international capital
The agents’ movement around the infrastructure chain shows a detachment with the economic and political scenario; the projects integration in the three spheres of government and new regulation and financing models signal progress perspectives.

Public management in the digital age
As in the private sector, the technological modernization and automation can generate positive impacts on public service and raise the level of efficiency, control and transparency in public administration.

"Money is not a panacea"
The need for infrastructure investment exceeds the available resources of all the multilateral banks, warns Martin Raiser, World Bank director for Brazil; to leverage the sector, Brazil needs a better planning and resources management, good projects and attractive regulatory frameworks.

Payments without barriers
The consolidation of the behavior of a consumer who is increasingly connected to the digital environment drives, in means of payment, innovations which bring convenience and impose challenges to financial businesses.

Stock exchange adventure
Recessed economy and political instability are not obstacles for companies to include IPO in their funding strategies, especially given the scarcity of public funding; the appropriate preparation, however, is a key point.

Debt turned investment
The non-performing loans, which today represent R$ 400 billion in debts overdue in Brazil, are attractive for international agents in search for structured investments and may contribute to the recovery of companies and some sectors of the economy.

Building tomorrow’s company
For James Canton, companies must be bold to deal with inevitable changes, ranging from demographic matters to acceleration of science advances; longevity, artificial intelligence, sustainability and space travel are major trends for the near future.

Women in the boardroom: slow evolution
The female presence on companies’ boards of directors is growing, but women are far to achieve equality; a Deloitte's global study shows that, on average, only 15% of board seats are held by women; in Brazil, this percentage corresponds to half.

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