Mundo Corporativo 56

Wide global village – The challenges in business internationalization

Between the capital and information movements, the link is the new globalization's great engine. In this context, the latest edition of Mundo Corporativo explores this two axles that make up the contemporary business dynamics: the global capital flow and the information flow. In the pages of this issue, we delve deeper into the analysis of what it means to be an international company in a world where information and technology are increasingly inseparable.

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Highlights of this issue

Wide global village
The world is more complex, but not for that, the scenario is unfavorable for Brazilian companies that want to act in the global market. More than ever, the experiences indicate that the path of internationalization goes through sustainable and innovative strategies.

East horizons
China, Japan and South Korea maintain consistent prospects of investments in Brazil, and offer opportunities for companies that want to explore the eastern borders.

The rules of the game
Roberto Azevêdo, re-elected as WTO general director, speaks in an exclusive interview to Mundo Corporativo about the global trade agenda and the countries' paths in search of competitiveness.

Made in Brazil
How the soft power, the diplomatic and cultural capital of a country, can be considered a competitive advantage for Brazil in an environment of uncertainty in international negotiations.

Electronic brain
Already employed in Brazil by companies from different segments, the artificial intelligence resources will significantly change the landscape for production, services and labor market in the world.

Citizen intelligence
In the information age, the definition of a smart city is one in which people, services and resources are connected to offer, from the integration of public and private initiative, conditions for quality of life and business development.

The digital future of finance
CFOs gain growing leadership before the technological revolution that redefines their role. The innovations bring greater efficiency to processes, but require a more analytic profile from the executive.

Ready for the new normal
Finance transformation approaches, combined with new technologies, can help companies to improve the data delivery to their own managers and to the market and develop even in the face of economic uncertainties.

Video: Millennials are looking for stability
Deloitte's study shows that, in the face of a turbulent scenario, young professionals are less likely to change jobs.

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