Mundo Corporativo 60

The era of convergence - Sectors and markets without borders

The 60th edition of Mundo Corporativo addresses the impact of business and industry convergence. In order to continue to grow, organizations must actively participate in this moment, innovating in an increasingly fluid and interdependent world.

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The era of convergence

Deloitte's global leaders talk about the convergence of industries nowadays and the tendencies for companies to continue to grow and keep themselves innovative in a fluid context marked by the restruturaction of business models.

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Climbing to the top

The so-called scaleups are widespread in Brazil and have already reached the global market. The key to their rapid growth lies in the ability to inject innovation into traditional markets by working collaboratively with an ecosystem of potential partners.



The role of ERP in the digital journey

In the quest to continue advancing in the digital transformation, it is time to seize the opportunity of technology modernization to simplify processes and review unnecessary customizations. The combination of ERP with machine learning, IoT and artificial intelligence comes to enhance performance, user experience and creativity.



Risks in the convergence era

The adoption of new technologies breaks down barriers among companies and sectors and indicates the path to value generation in the 21st century. But there are a number of risks that must be considered in order not to impair the business.



Taxation in the digital economy

New digital business models pose challenges for legislators on how to tax these services globally. Companies also need to pay attention to new tax obligations arising from the growing convergence environment between the physical and digital worlds.


Point of view

The mindset for innovation

In an interview to Mundo Corporativo, Larry Keeley – co-founder of Doblin, director of Innovation at Deloitte and a strong presence in events from Singularity University – points out that innovating in a converging environment is less about the creativity and more about adopting a new mindset and the right methods.


Good corporate practices

The socio-environmental footprint

Energy efficiency, water savings, social integration and gender equity are some of the already common banners to large corporations. The effort now goes to converge these initiatives to the core business.

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