Mundo Corporativo 58

Agenda for the resumption – The visions of market agents for the next cycle of the economy

Deloitte Brazil's digital magazine, Mundo Corporativo, presents reports, interviews and videos on the expectations of the market for 2018, from the results of the new edition of one of Brazil's most robust research projects focused on business, the “Brazil’s Agenda 2018”, and the vision of a group of entrepreneurs and representatives of associations and class entities.

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Highlights of this issue

Time of decisions

Deloitte’s survey brings market trends and expectations for 2018 – a year that combines the possibility of continuation of structural reforms with the general elections; the bet is economic recovery and resumption of investments

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Convergence player

Telecommunications have the role of digitally integrating all sectors of the economy, fomenting a revolution in business marked by connectivity and innovation  

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More highlights

Agenda for the resumption

Executives of large companies and market players in general share their perspectives on the economic and business environment for Brazil in 2018; expectation is for growth in the medium term and expansion of investments

Favorable environment

To once again have a highlighted position in the map of international capital, Brazil must undertake modernizing reforms that regain the investors' trust; infrastructure will have an important role in this process

The new age of capital projects

The digital transformation in the business world arrives with force at the capital projects sector, which is reinventing itself to improve the efficiency, the security and the yield in planning, execution and operation of mega enterprises

In the direction of growth

To deal with the uncertainties of the economy and business in recent years and still reap good results, many small and medium-sized companies reviewed their strategies, a healthy practice that is necessary when the scenario transforms

Apple of the eyes

Even with a complex regulatory environment, Latin America remains attractive for mergers and acquisitions; the transaction and the post-merger process must be conducted considering aspects of the organization's market and culture

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