Mundo Corporativo 61

Business Ecosystems – Teaming up for the future

The 61th edition of Mundo Corporativo highlights the development of business ecosystems. To survive in today's complex environment, companies join startups, research centers  –  and even competitors  –  to innovate and maintain their relevancy in the marketplace.

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Highlights of this issue

Teaming up for the future
To survive in the complex business environment of the 21st century, companies have joined startups, research centers – and even competitors – to create ecosystems that have one main objective: to innovate and maintain their relevance in the market.


Finance transformation
On the same side
Financial institutions have been increasingly working with fintechs, creating innovation ecosystems sustained by trade, development and co-creation of value.


Human Capital
Training in the transformation era
Companies and educational institutions are increasingly organized in ecosystems and, together, they seek to update the training of professionals according to the new demands of the digital and Industry 4.0 world.

Third parties that generate value – and risks
A governance system applied to the management of relationships with partners and suppliers is a key element in reinforcing good corporate practices. Companies are beginning to better explore the opportunities related to this subject in Brazil.

Good corporate practices
Socio-environmental innovators
Companies, governments and NGOs are redefining their roles, seeking greater impact in solving collective challenges; in this new social ecosystem, organizations that try to shine on their own lose space while those that know how to collaborate gain momentum.

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