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Ready for the revolution? – The transformations from Industry 4.0

The 59th edition of Mundo Corporativo digital magazine addresses how the integration of physical and digital technologies impacts production and business models. The transformations in processes, human capital and strategies are at the core of the so-called Industry 4.0

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Ready for the revolution?

Deloitte's international survey reveals the dimensions of the transformations brought about by Industry 4.0, which affects the most diverse areas of concern from the companies, starting by the business strategy itself.

The network simplification

The modernization of the health chain, essential for its own sustainability, goes through new technologies, the simplification of processes and regulations. A good strategic planning is critical to reduce costs and ensure efficiency.

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The strategy of digital companies

The path for digital maturity demands profound changes in organizations, with commitment, investment and assertive leadership. This is what a Deloitte's international study, in partnership with an MIT publication, has indicated.


Human capital

Skills of the future in the present

Changes in production and management processes, linked to new technologies, are accelerating the adoption of skills and professional profiles of tomorrow.



The essential robots

Companies are advancing in Brazil regarding the practical application of robotic process automation and robotic cognitive automation concepts, ensuring efficiency and agility in data analysis.


Banking technology

Innovation at the customer’s service

With agile and customized solutions, fintechs advance in Brazilian market. The financial startups have the potential to impact various segments of the economy, independently or alongside traditional banks.



The path to transparency

To mitigate financial and image risks associated to corruption, companies consolidate today a new awareness about the importance of dealing with the subject with transparency and specialized support.


Point of view

The smart power era

In an interview to Mundo Corporativo, the political scientist Heni Ozi Cukier indicates that the time requires caution and perspicacity, and points out priorities for Brazil in the international geopolitical and economic scenario.


World and corporation

Harmony between technology and business

A Deloitte's study presents trends for the industry and reinforces the urgency for technology to be managed in a synergistic manner between strategy and operations.


Leadership vision

Disruption in telecommunications

Presidents of Vivo and Embratel comment on how technology is transforming the industry.

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