Our business and the market

A year of strong business growth, broad connections in the universe of technology partners and relevant impacts on clients – that was FY 22 for Deloitte in Brazil.

The expansion of a portfolio of services that was already the most diversified on the market allowed us to reinforce the positioning of an organization that effectively transforms companies from end to end: in strategy, implementation and operations.

In this chapter of the “Brazil Impact Report”, you can access the following topics:

  • A special moment in Deloitte's trajectory in Brazil
  • Presence and expansion in the national territory
  • Business areas and their solutions to transform clients
  • “Maestro Program” and the multidisciplinary offers
  • Deloitte Alliance Program
  • Program for family and privately held companies
  • Innovation driving growth
  • Commitment to developing leaders
  • Communication campaign for market decision makers
  • D-Influencers Corporate University
  • Commitment to responsible business practices
  • Our voice to the market through content
  • Market recognition for Deloitte
  • Clients impacted by Deloitte
  • Impacted clients