Responses to the Covid-19 Crisis Survey

Access the results of the survey with 662 companies, which portrays the impacts of the crisis and the initiatives they lead

Deloitte conducted a comprehensive survey, with the objective of better understanding the challenges and responses of organizations working in Brazil in the context of the new coronavirus pandemic.


Business impact over the first 100 days after the pandemic was decreed

67% expect reduction in revenue/sales

68% expect reduction in cost and expenses

56% may experience customer default 

Even so...

...65% shall maintain headcount

Responses to the Covid-19 Crisis Survey

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The priority for the moment is to respond

Faced with the prospect of a decline in customer revenue and ability to pay, participating companies are focused on adjusting their volume of production and investments as well as decreasing costs and expenses to maintain their staff

Level of response to the impacts of Covid-19 on companies

More than 60% found that the level of response to the impacts of crisis governance and people management was high.

1/4 found that the level of response to impacts on supply chain and operations and on technologies and digital media was low or nonexistent.

Concerns about the best moment to recover or thrive

The concern among the interviewees with the transformations that will impact the new ways of working and producing in the medium term is remarkable. An indication of this is the fact that the adjustment of organizational culture and work model to the new reality that will emerge after the crisis was stated as more significant by the companies interviewed than the level of indebtedness.

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