Sustainable relationships

Relationship with our professionals

Develop our professionals, value, listen to and retain them are our objectives. Below are some of the programs Deloitte has developed to the benefit of its professionals and society overall:

DeloitteInclui Program 

Strength from diversity is one of our core values. This program is designed to provide an open, inclusive working environment that encourage people to embrace and share their ideas.

Growth Program – Women 

The number of women in leadership positions has increased significantly over the last years. Female characteristics have never been so valued by the marketplace as today, which brings numberless opportunities for women. Deloitte has increasingly valued women so that they earn the place they deserve. To achieve this, we created a program that specifically focuses on all women that contribute to the growth of our organization.

Quality of Life Program 

The purpose of this program is to provide our professionals with alternatives for them to have a healthier life. It also includes the “Health Space”, which offers our professionals medical, vaccines (during campaigns), gynecologist and massotherapy.

Employees Association 

Deloitte’s Employees Association offers benefits, promotions and special agreements to its members and promotes integration and leisure to everyone by promoting events and recreational activities.

Relationship with our clients

Deloitte´s very global vision – “to be the Standard of Excellence: the first choice of the most sought-after clients and talent” – reflects our concern for ensuring that clients are delivered the best in professional services. Similarly, our mission is to help our clients excel.

The achievement of these expectations is regularly measured through an ongoing monitoring of the projects and services provided to our clients.

Relationship with our suppliers

Aware of the importance of planning and controlling activities related to the purchasing and subcontracting functions, Deloitte established methodologies and responsibilities related to this process.

More than giving answers to clients and serve them with excellence, we understand that we should be able to recognize the needs of society as a whole. These values are inherent in our way of doing business, and it is with this vision that we reassure our commitment to incorporate ethical policies and practices into our management, in an ongoing process of improvement across the whole chain of services and suppliers.

We hope our current and future partners conduct businesses in an ethical way, respecting the interests of those with whom they maintain relationships. Deloitte, as one of the companies signing up the Global Compact, requests its suppliers and subcontractors to accept, support and apply, within their sphere of influence, a set of fundamental values – which is an attitude increasingly required by our clients.

In this context, an attachment (in portuguese) became an integral of all agreements entered into between suppliers and Deloitte. Both suppliers and subcontractors are required to sign a document undertaking to adhere to ABNT NBR 16.000 Social Responsibility standards.

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