Deloitte ITC 2020 - Events postponed

The events that will bring together those who want to lead the market changes have been postponed. Learn more about.

Decision reflects concerns to ensure health and well-being amid growing international caution regarding coronavirus

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As it celebrates 175 years, Deloitte is preparing the 2nd edition of the Industry Transformation Cycle (ITC) in Brazil. Initially scheduled for the end of March, between 24 and 27 in five cities of the country, the ITC events were postponed, a decision that reflects, first and foremost, our concerns to ensure the health and well-being of our people, foreign attendees, clients, authorities, and other stakeholders.

"Take care of each other" is one of our global shared values, which we assume as a premise for this position.

Amid growing concerns regarding the global coronavirus outbreak – and in the midst of non-essential business travels restrictions –, we reassessed the potential impacts of this project, which would host international guests from around the world to impact 2,500 decision-makers and opinion leaders in Brazil.

This decision comes at a time when ITC 2020 events were already projected to be a great success. The events had already mobilized an important network, global and local: 76 Brazilian speakers and about 30 foreign ones, secretaries of the Federal and State Governments, directors and coordinators of Secretariats and other diverse authorities. The support of 8 sponsoring firms, 12 business associations, 6 universities, and the main business media outlet in the country also indicates the high impact that the event had already built. 

Due to all this relevance, Deloitte Brazil ITC 2020 will be resumed very soon – and, since now, we would like to count on your precious support as soon as a new date is confirmed.

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