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ITC: Industry Transformation Cycle

Time of change for  companies from all sectors

Deloitte Industry Transformation Cycle (ITC) will integrate the entire transformation ecosystem that impacts companies and society in two days of simultaneous and intense activities.

It will be a unique experience for you to access the best of Deloitte’s own content and various partners, from Brazil and around the world, who will come to São Paulo to share knowledge with those who want to lead in this new cycle of changes.

ITC | Industry Transformation Cycle

Transformation agents gathered in a single space to share knowledge and experiences with you

Reference institutions
  • Singularity University
  • Center for the Long View
  • Fundação Getúlio Vargas
  • Fundação Dom Cabral
  • Sao Paulo University
Decision makers
  • Corporate leaders
  • Government representatives
  • Business and class associations
  • Academics

Connect to the transformation ecosystem:

Date: March 26 and March 27

Local: Unique Hotel | Av. Brigadeiro Luís Antônio, 4.700 - Jardim Paulista, São Paulo (maps)

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Why attend Deloitte ITC?

Digital reality has changed the way we work, consume, communicate and live. Production patterns, operation, marketing and connection change increasingly quickly.

Transformation is what challenges companies, decision makers and opinion makers to rethink their position in the market and in society.

Get ready to interact with business and universities leaders and associations, scholars on a wide range of topics that impact the business world and government representatives.

+ 700 attendees a day (executives and opinion leaders)

+ 30 international speakers

+ 16 hours of plenary sessions

+ 50 parallel sessions

+ 10 exclusive workshops

+ 20 Deloitte studies shared

Get more information on the event website.

Take a look in some of the international speakers already confirmed

Bryce Goodman

Singularity University speaker

Co-founder and business entrepreneur, Bryce is a recognized champion of sustainable innovation.

In addition, Bryce serves on the advisory board of the Silicon Valley Toxic Coalition (SVTC), the oldest NGO working to ensure environmental sustainability and social justice in the high-tech sector.

Bryce has graduated at Deep Springs College and Singularity University, and holds a first-class degree in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics from the University of Oxford.
Especialista em IoT, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence.

He is an experienced executive, consultant recognized as an expert in ethics, innovation and disruptive issues.

Larry Keeley

Singularity University speaker

President and co-founder of Doblin Inc, Larry Keeley has worked for thirty-seven years to develop more effective innovation methods to help teams succeed at the boldest innovations they pursue. Doblin is a Deloitte Company, where Keeley is a Managing Director.

BusinessWeek named Keeley one of seven Innovation Gurus that are changing the field, and specifically cited Doblin for having many of the most sophisticated tools for delivering innovation effectiveness. Recently, they also selected Keeley as one of the 27 most fluential
designers in the world.

In frequent demand as a speaker and facilitator, Keeley has worked with scores of the world’s largest companies to build their signature innovation competences, and with startup firms trying to change some smaller part of the world. He has done path breaking philanthropy work too, bringing innovation to bear on global poverty, education, food, or healthcare challenges. Along the way he pioneered the use of social science research, deep innovation protocols, and critical theories, like Ten Types of Innovation, Platforms, Convergences, and deep approaches to business model innovation. Keeley’s book Ten Types of Innovation, codifies much of the research and tradecraft that drives effective innovation, is available at amazon here: Link and translated into ten languages. Recently Deloitte adapted the signature Doblin innovation tradecraft into a new and free app, Ten Types of Innovation, available from the US Apple Store.

Keeley teaches graduate innovation strategy classes at the Institute of Design in Chicago, the first design school in the U.S. with a Ph.D. program, where he is also a board member. He lectures in executive education programs at Kellogg Graduate School of Management and is an adjunct faculty member for their core MBA and their Masters of Manufacturing Management programs and where he was recently named a Distinguished Fellow. He also lectures at University of Chicago and other business schools worldwide. Collectively, Keeley has helped educate more than 5,300 Masters or PhD level innovation specialists worldwide.

Keeley was a Senior Fellow of the Center for Business Innovation, in Boston. He was also a board member for Chicago Public Radio, helping build it as an innovation engine for public radio across the US—and fostering “This American Life” and other path breaking new radio programs and media innovations.

Florian Klein

Center for the Long View director 
(Monitor Deloitte – Germany)

Dr. Florian Klein is a consultant, corporate strategist and future thinker with an extensive experience in providing strategic advice to senior decision makers from leading corporations and multinational governments.

Florian has founded and led the Center for the Long View, which is Deloitte’s global center of excellence for scenario planning.

He’s also a leading service provider for corporate and business unit strategy at Deloitte Germany and is part of Deloitte’s international task force, the BrexiT Task Force.

Ira Kalish

Deloitte Global Chief Economist

Is specialist in global economic issues as well as the effects of economic, demographic and social trends on the global business environment.

Dr. Kalish holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Vassar College and a PhD in international economics from Johns Hopkins University. He has written about the economies of Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, China, Japan, Mexico and South America, and has written extensively on global consumer markets. Dr. Kalish advises Deloitte clients and leadership on economic issues and their impact on business strategy.

Tim Hanley

Deloitte Global Partner

Tim Hanley is the Global Industrial Products & Construction Sector Leader for Deloitte.

He has advised many multinational clients, especially in the Industrial Products & Services, Chemicals & Specialty Materials, and Consumer Products Sectors.

He has extensive experience leading teams serving all business aspects, including consulting with top management regarding organizational financial strategy development and execution, and market development.

Get more information on the event website.

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