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Once registration of a publicly-held company is granted, the second step is to provide the information necessary to the CVM and the stock exchange, in accordance with CVM Instruction 480/09.

Why is examination of the company information necessary?
  1. It is a legal requirement of the Brazilian Civil Code
  2. It provides better information about the company
  3. It helps define the company guidelines
  4. It allows evaluation of the economic and financial situation and forecasting


The main periodic information that must be provided by the deadlines:

(*) Prepared according to Corporate Law and CVM regulations.

The occasional information consists of:

Every time the company does something related to its business that can influence:

  • The price of the securities issued by the company;
  • Investors’ decisions to trade those securities or hold them;
  • The ability of investors to exercise any rights they have as holders of the securities issued by the company.

It is necessary to reveal relevant facts, according to CVM Instruction nº 358/02. The CVM should always be informed of any registration data of the company and of any change made.

In addition to that submitted to the CVM, information should always be available to holders of the securities, in the shareholder department, and made available to the public, except for that which is confidential.

Publication of information required of publicly-held companies should always be in large-circulation newspapers published in the locality where the stock exchange is located on which, in the last two fiscal years, there was greater trading of company stock, or in the location of the company headquarters. For all publication, the company should always use the same large-circulation newspaper.

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