Direct Investments Ombudsman - DIO

A guide for investors about The Direct Investments Ombudsman (DIO)

The Direct Investments Ombudsman (DIO) is a “single window” for investors, provided by the Executive Secretariat of CAMEX. It is responsible for receiving requests and inquiries about investments, to be answered jointly with the public agency responsible for the matter (at the Federal, State and Municipal levels) involved in each case (the Network of Focal Points). This new structure allows for supporting the investor, by a single governamental body, in charge of responding to demands within a short time.

Among the DIO's competencies, the following stand out: to support and guide investors, recommending solutions to their grievances (Policy Advocacy); to propose to public agencies possible improvements in the legislation or in their administrative procedures.

The DIO represents a pioneer effort to improve the institutional governance and the investment environment in Brazil. The DIO integrates the structure of the Executive Secretariat, under the supervision of the CAMEX Council and is comprised of:

I - the Executive Secretary of CAMEX, who represents it institutionally and coordinates its activities;

II - a Secretariat, which will use the structure of the Executive Secretariat of CAMEX and will count on employees/government officials specialized in subjects related to investment in order to support the Executive Secretary of CAMEX in carrying out his functions under the DIO;

III - an Advisory Group, composed of representatives of the ministries that constitute CAMEX; and

IV - a Network of Focal Points comprised of focal points of the bodies and entities of the public administration defined by the DIO internal regulation, as well as those indicated by the Federation Units.

The agencies and entities that be part of the Network of Focal Points will designate their staff as focal points in order to work together with the DIO to provide information on investments, answer requests and seek to solve inquiries of investors within their area of competence, among other activities.

The Advisory Group will accompany and guide the work of the DIO, including in the drafting and eventual revisions of its internal regulation, and will be chaired by the Executive Secretary of CAMEX.

The DIO shall also receive inquiries from national investors related to their investments made in countries with which the Federative Republic of Brazil has Cooperation and Facilitation Investment Agreement (CFIA) in force, through the mechanisms provided in such agreements.

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