Investment and companies

Know more about foreign investments, regulations, repatriation, and types of companies

Evolution of foreign investment in Brazil

With globalization, capital flow has been easier and investments have increased. Currently, Brazil is competing with emerging economies, such as India, China and South Africa.

How to invest

The Brazilian Central Bank (BACEN) is in charge of monitoring and regulating foreign exchange transactions regarding any inflow and outflow of proceeds in and out of Brazil, based upon the guidelines established by the Brazilian Monetary Council.


There are generally no major limitations established by Brazilian legislation on the amount of capital that can be reduced or repatriated. It is possible to reduce capital against accumulated losses, as well as to repatriate capital, but in such case, the capital repatriation is limited to existing accumulated losses.

Types of company

The Limited Liability Companies (“Limitadas” or “Ltda.”) are regulated by the new Brazilian Civil Code (Law 10.406/02) and is the most common type of legal entities incorporated under the Brazilian Corporate law. Such, is the form that most closely resembles US LLCs.

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