An overview of the Brazilian Upstream Taxation

This section covers Brazilian Upstream Tax System Overview, Exchange Control, Foreign Investment & Financing, Corporate taxation among other topics related to Oil and Gas activities

Brazilian Tax System Overview

Brazilian legislation and regulations regarding accounting, taxes and corporate matters still do not provide a specific framework for the Oil and Gas industry, especially regarding upstream activities.

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Brazilian O&G Taxation

Information about Indirect taxes and Corporate Taxation applicable to the Oil & Gas Industry in Brazil.

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Brazilian Expatriates - Immigration Considerations

The particularities of the Brazilian oil and gas industry have resulted in the enactment of special rules by the immigration authorities to deal with the needs of the industry and professionals. 

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Brazilian Expatriates - Tax Considerations

The facts and circumstances of each case will drive the most appropriate visa that needs to be applied for and ultimately granted by the Brazilian authorities.  There are, however, variations in the Brazilian tax treatment applied to each foreign worker based on their visa status and number of days in Brazil that organizations should be aware of. 

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Labor Legislation

Labor relations in Brazil are governed by the Consolidated Labor Laws and numerous complementary laws and regulations. This section contains information about basic rights, social security, the severance indemnity fund, employee benefits and special provisions regarding Oil & Gas activities employees.

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Exchange Control, Foreign Investment & Financing

Guidelines on financing, loan transactions, withholding income tax imposition, foreign exchange variation and other relevant information, all applied to the Oil and Gas industry.

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