Brazilian O&G Taxation

Information about Indirect taxes and Corporate Taxation applicable to the Oil & Gas Industry in Brazil

Corporate Tax

Brazilian Oil and Gas companies are subject to the general income tax regimes. Brazilian tax law does not provide for ring-fencing, field based taxes, and specific tax rates. Profit and losses from oil and gas activities can generally be offset against profits and losses from any other business activity of the oil and gas company.

Indirect Taxation

Brazilian Federal and Regional Taxes

IPI, ICMS, ISS, PIS and COFINS: know more about the Brazilian federal and regional indirect taxes and how they affect oil and gas transactions.

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Taxation on Foreign Trade

Brazilian taxation triggered upon importation and exportation of goods and services related to the oil and gas industry.

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Special Customs Regime for Suspension of Taxes in Brazil

Brazil offers beneficial tax regime for goods to be used in the research and production of oil and natural gas fields and other special customs regimes are available for some specific operations.

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