Finance Transformation

Deloitte’s objective is to help CFOs optimize performance of their finance functions and provide strategic insights to the business.


Organizations are increasingly looking for CFOs and finance executives to help them implement business strategies designed to add value.

Deloitte works collaboratively with CFOs and finance leaders to prepare and interpret financial data, providing insights for better decision making.

Through a wide array of services, it offers clients support to determine the most critical priorities for their businesses, adding value by defining the best strategy for the finance organization, tools for monitoring the company financial performance and greater transparency with regard to costs.

Our solutions:

Finance Strategy

  • Transformation of the finance organization;
  • Mapping of CFO priorities (CFO Lab);
  • Vision and strategy of the finance function (Finance Lab);
  • Assessment of finance processes maturity level.

Planning and Budgeting

  • Integrated financial planning;
  • Budgeting process redesign;
  • Matrix budgeting and Zero-based budgeting (ZBB);
  • Budgeting applications (Cognos/TM1, Hyperion/PBCS, SAP-BPC);
  • Performance management.

KPIs and Profitability Management

  • Finance management reports;
  • Finance dashboards (CFO Value Map);
  • Finance analytics;
  • Financial benchmarking.

Cost Transparency

  • Costing model review;
  • Cost composition visibility;
  • Allocation, cost sharing and chargebacks;
  • Activity-based costing (ABC/ABM).

Cash Management

  • Strategies for generating and freeing up cash;
  • Cash conversion cycle optimization (DSO, DPO and DIO);
  • Cash flow forecasting (operations, investments and financing).


Four faces of the CFO

CFOs today experience an increasing pressure on their role. It is reflected in the need for companies to have more structured information and to support business decision-making. 

The finance function is also getting more complex and strategic. In order to deal with this reality, finance leaders become responsible for, simultaneously, fulfilling four very different and complex roles in the organization as: Catalyst, Strategist, Steward and Operator.

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Finance Framework

The increasing economy and industry complexity, boosted by world´s uncertainties, requires the Finance organization to be structured in a different way.

The "Finance Framework" allows a high-level analysis of the current maturity level and organization of the finance functions and a quick view of their processes improvement opportunities. 

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