Infrastructure and Capital Projects

Deloitte is involved in risk mitigation on major projects of capital-intensive construction.

Due to the complexity of large-scale projects, when investing in capital-intense construction, companies are exposed to risks that can compromise costs, deadlines and quality.

Consequently, Deloitte offers a specialized team, composed of engineers with experience in the construction sector, to help your company.

Project evaluation

During the planning phase, that is, before the construction phase begins, it is necessary to assess the project’s stage of maturity to verify whether it is ready to be started and the possible impacts in relation to cost, deadline and schedule.

An independent assessment of the development stage and, in some cases, of the real physical and financial performance of the venture saves money, prevents surprises, and offers a realistic view of your project.

Deloitte solutions in this area include:

  • Develop project maturity policy;
  • Classification of project maturity;
  • Classification of cost and schedule risk by level of project maturity;
  • Independent assess of the physical and financial performance of the project;
  • Monitoring of the project portfolio;
  • Auditing of the works and securing schedule compliance;
  • Comparison of expected results to real results at the end of the “post-audit”;
  • Comparison of contractual unit costs to the market standard.

Project process development

Adequate development of processes can reduce project and management staff costs, as well as mitigate risks inherent to diverse projects.

Deloitte’s knowledge of different large-scale and complex capital projects facilitates the perception of efforts and processes needed for the adequate progress of the project, meeting the cost, deadline and quality objectives.

Deloitte solutions in this area include:

  • Elaboration of manual of implantation and management of the project;
  • Analysis of project processes and recommendation of improvements;
  • Development and implementation of policies and procedures;
  • Development of dashboards;
  • Preparation of project monitoring reports;
  • Preparation of cost and schedule control plan;
  • Definition of key performance indicators (KPIs) and respective action plan.

Project contracting strategy and support

One of the most important decisions in a capital project is to determine the best contract modality, vis-à-vis its restrictions, to ensure that goals are reached according to the plan.

The correct choice of modality and adequate comparison of proposals can be vital for the success of your project.

Deloitte solutions in this area include:

  • Optimization of contract packages;
  • Definition of the appropriate contract modality vis-à-vis project determining factors and restrictions;
  • Technical review of the draft contract;
  • Review of contract bid notices;
  • Support for technical and commercial equalization of bidders.

Project cost and schedule evaluation

To ensure your company’s return on investment, Deloitte analyzes costs and schedules during project execution, measuring trends in advance for correct decision-making and recovery from any deviations that may occur.

Apart from assessing and quantifying these distortions, Deloitte recommends adequate actions to avoid and/or mitigate such occurrence.

Deloitte solutions in this area include:

  • Evaluation of planned CAPEX, trends and cash flow accuracy;
  • Evaluation of planned schedule and trend accuracy;
  • Evaluation of cost incurred versus construction project performance;
  • Analysis of the project's measurements and variation orders;
  • Preparation of a schedule recovery and cost impact mitigation plan;
  • Estimation of project completion in terms of cost and schedule;
  • Identification, quantification and mitigation of project risks;
  • Analysis of extra-scope services and non-conformities.

Management of contract claims and disputes

One of our main challenges is to assess contractual imbalances and to prepare adequate evidence for presentation of claims and application of fines.

Deloitte’s team has vast experience in investigative schedule analyses, analysis of cause and contractual impacts, assessment of responsibilities for productivity reduction, assessment of responsibilities for deadline extensions and other impacts.

Deloitte solutions in this area include:

  • Support for preparation and control of evidence;
  • Claim mitigation plan;
  • Claim preparation;
  • Evaluation of claims received;
  • Claim management cell in megaprojects;
  • Non-binding arbitration – independent evaluation of a dispute by a third party contracted by the interested parties;
  • Mediation;
  • Expert technical assistance for litigation or arbitration.

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Eduardo Raffaini

Eduardo Raffaini

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