Corporate Finance Advisory

Advisory to organizations in various business operations and its business challenges - transaction of merger, sale or acquisition and raise new finance to expand its activities or readjust its capital structure.

M&A Strategy & Advisory

Complete set of solutions to assist organizations and investors in all phases of a M&A operation, from the strategy definition going through the steps of identifying and evaluating targets, due diligence, transaction execution and integration to the divestment.

Merger and Acquisition

Deloitte advises corporate buyers and private equity investors throughout the entire M&A deal lifecycle. Our end-to-end merger, acquisition and divestiture advisory services are customized to meet the unique needs of any client, with an industry and sector emphasis to help define the right strategy, achieve your goals, and identify future opportunities.

Selling a business or subsidiary

Advising on strategy definition and coordination of many stages of the sales process such as: estimated potential sale value of the organization, identifying risks, contingencies and planning corrective actions, selection of potential investors, company presentation and creation of competitive process for sale.

Private Equity advisory

Broad view of business strategies and evaluation, adding value in preparing organizations and negotiating process with private equity funds.


Portfolio Lead Advisory

Banks need to evaluate their loan portfolios, analyze their strategic options, and recover value from their non-core, under-performing, and illiquid financial assets.

Debt & Capital Advisory

We provide services with excellence from a deep knowledge and a broad understanding of the debt markets. In addition, our relationship with banks and financial institutions is critical to achieving the goals of the organization.

Quoted Company Advisory

Services to private companies who wish to access funds through an IPO (Initial Public Offering).