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Deloitte has professionally-certified teams, with proven experience in crisis scenarios and the most modern systems and equipment, to offer advice and solutions in situations that involve corporate fraud investigation, due diligence and anticorruption programs, as well as advice in legal disputes and arbitration.

Deloitte’s approach consists of understanding the facts, obtaining and analyzing relevant information and producing informative reports and/or those for specific use in litigious negotiations or processes, providing a detailed demonstration of the elements that underlie the organization’s position in relation to the conflict.

Every business faces critical threats, and some of them can become crises no matter how well a company prepares. Deloitte helps companies protect their brands and reputations by proactively advising on their exposure to fraud, corruption, and other business risks. Using our network of intelligence analysts and advanced analytics technology, we can quickly and efficiently gain an understanding of a client’s risk exposure – providing useful and actionable advice across the entire business.

Corporate Investigations

Deloitte’s assistance in investigating corporate fraud is provided to help identify, organize and document facts so that organizations have the information necessary for making decisions internally and at times of conflict.

Deloitte solutions in this area include:

  • Corporate fraud investigations;
  • Analysis and prioritization of complaints;
  • Investigation of regulatory issues;
  • Independent investigations;
  • Investigations for compliance;
  • Monitoring of third-party investigations (shadow investigation).

Assistance in disputes and litigation

Negotiations, disputes and litigation are routine for companies. Deloitte is prepared to provide technical assistance in disputes and litigation using its economic, accounting and financial technical knowledge to support identification of relevant evidence for the organization’s success.

Its professional experience and proprietary solutions are essential, especially in processes that require quick responses, under extreme pressure, and technical precision for success, which can make the difference between financial gains and losses.

Deloitte solutions in this area include:

  • Technical assistance to clients involved in disputes;
  • Technical assistance to the arbitration panel;
  • Court Expert;
  • Assistance in mediation and arbitration.

Consulting services for fighting corruption

Deloitte helps national and international companies prevent risks of acts of corruption and deal with potential infractions, including compliance with the Brazilian Anticorruption Law (Law No. 12846) the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”), the UK Bribery Act and other relevant laws.

Deloitte’s staff consists of a large diversity of professionals dedicated to investigation, including forensic accountants, information technology specialists and corporate intelligence researchers (background check), allowing it to respond rapidly and effectively to needs for investigation or consulting around the world.

Deloitte solutions in this area include:

  • Assistance in developing and implementing anticorruption compliance programs;
  • Risk assessment;
  • Investigations for internal and regulatory demands;
  • Development and execution of internal anticorruption audit programs;
  • Training for senior management of employees;
  • Anticorruption due diligence related to mergers and acquisitions.

Background checks (Business Intelligence Services)

Public information is available in various places and obtaining certain data on individuals and legal entities can make the difference at certain times.

The purpose of Deloitte’s Business Intelligence Services (BIS) is to research, identify and obtain information from public and private databases to help clients make decisions or support investigations.

Deloitte solutions in this area include:

  • Researches of individuals and legal entities in public databases.

Forensic computing and data analysis

Collecting and preserving evidence in an efficient and precise manner is essential for resolving conflicts. Deloitte can help your company collect, preserve, organize and analyze large volumes of data and digital information from diverse sources, identifying facts relevant to a case and even refuting untrue arguments and providing comfort.

Deloitte solutions in this area include:

  • Forensic image of electronic evidence;
  • Processing and organization of electronic evidence;
  • Review of electronic documents;
  • Analysis of large volumes of data and information;
  • Data recovery.

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José Paulo Rocha

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